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Scenery Page 83
FS2004 Phan Thiet Airfield, Vientam circa 1970. Phan Thiet AF was located atop high bluffs overlooking the South China Sea. It was home to several US Army units including the 101st Airborne. Landing at Phan Thiet could be very hazardous, due to numerous obstructions in the flight path and strong downdrafts. Therefore, pilots were advised to land only on runway 07 and take off only on runway 25. George Knowles. 537K
FS2004 AFCAD file of the Ogden-Hinckley Airport (KOGD). This is an updated version of the original airport with updated taxiways and parking spots. I also added most of the helipads where they are supposed to be. The only things I changed are the taxiways, parking spots, and helipads. Everything else works the same as it did before. The picture is a real picture, NOT a screenshot. All editing was done by Andy Haws. 237K
FS2004 University of Utah, Ogden Regional, and McKay Dee Hospitals: This is a compilation of three hospitals that I made to simulate a medevac in Northern Utah. This file consists of the University of Utah Hospital (UofU), Ogden Regional Hospital (OGDR), and McKay Dee Hospital (MKAY). All I did was get the coordinates and make one helipad for Ogden Regional and McKay Dee, and three helipads for the University of Utah. This file is very basic. The helipads are just sitting on the ground, but at least there's a helipad to land on. I also added some blue light to help with night flights. I don't know how to remove buildings, so one of the University helipads has some houses on it. All editing was done by Andy Haws. 76K
FS2004 Hill Air Force Base (KHIF): This is an updated version of the default version of Hill Air Force Base. All that was edited were the taxiways, parking spots, and helipads. I used satellite images to approximate the locations of everything. This is very basic, but at least now you can land and park. All editing was done by Andy Haws. 72K
FS2004 Phuoc Vinh Airfield, circa 1970. Phuoc Vinh was a major US Army airfield located 50 km north of Saigon. George Knowles. 238K
FS2004/2002 Chu Lai, Vietnam-1968 Package. Americal Division HQ during the middle and later years of the Vietnam War. Includes 50 surrounding LZs and many objects are textured from actual photos taken by the author during his tour of duty in the area. A trip back in time for Veterans. By Al Simms. 19.5MB
FS2004 Dak Seang Airfield / Special Forces Camp - late '60's Vietnam scenery series. . This primitive outpost was located high in the mountains near the Cambodian border, about 15 km north of Ben Het. It was widely regarded as the most remote and vulnerable Special Forces camp in South Vietnam. It was frequently attacked by the NVA and Viet Cong. The name Dak Seang means "river of blood." The 1,400' clay runway at Dak Seang was suitable only for helicopters, C-7 Caribous and other short-field capable aircraft. In November 1970, Dak Seang was turned over to the ARVN Rangers. George Knowles. 146K
FS2004 Manukau Land Marks, New Zealand. Manukau City- South Auckland - New Zealand ,is known for some interesting structures. I have modeled these as accurate as I can. Accurately created using photo textures. Fully compatible with Real NZ Auckland City by Robin Corn and Mesh by Christain Stock. Not tested with default scenery. By Ron Watson. 602K
FS2004 Polish AI Traffic Package. Central Wings, LOT, EUROLOT, StarAlliance , Wizz AIR, Ryanair, Polish Airlines AI Air Traffic Package! Contains AI Aircrafts, and flight plans which add more traffic to the polish airports. Flight plans set up traffic from Polish airports to the biggest cities in Europe, USA, Canada, Russia, etc. Most of the plans are taken from the Central Wings and web pages. Fictional plans add traffic to the airports which had no traffic - Artur Krause. 81.1MB
FS2004 Lake Elmo Airport.St Paul, Minnesota. 222K