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Scenery Page 95
FS2004 Otis Air Force Base/Air National Guard Base AFCAD Update This is an accurate representation (because I'm a severe perfectionist) of Otis Air Force Base/Air National Guard Base. The only difference is that the buildings aren't placed correctly but you can insert the BGL code that I included to clear the area of all buildings. I haven't yet found freeware that allows for this and if you know of any, be my guest and let me know because I will update this. This is supposed to be a tribute to the 9/11 victims. The base is connected to the tragedy because fighter jets were scrambled to intercept the hijacked jets, but they never got there in time and the rest you know. Kevin Rutherford. 16K
FS2004 Stargate and DHD Scenery This is a model of the Stargate and DHD from the SciFi show Stargate SG-1. They are placed near the great pyramids of Egypt, just were they were supposed to be found. The textures are origional pictures of the 'gate and DHD. Model, textures by Andrew Cox. 741K
FS2004 Long Beach, California High Resolution Scenery. This scenery contains high resolution ground scenery for downtown Long Beach, California. It has a resolution approx. 0.3 m/pix and 1.2 m/pix (4.7m/pix is standard). Coverage is downtown Long Beach, Queen Mary and part of Long Beach Harbor. Contains coverage for Long Beach World Trade Center heliport (3CL3) and Queen Mary Heliport (CL07). / Gottfried Razek. 32.1MB
FS2002/2004 Nova Iguaçu, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil V1.0, Airfield Scenery This files adds airfield limits;chopper hangar; Glider Club hangar; Air Club Hangar;fuel area;a fictional Control Tower and radio antenna;VOR;NDB and Tower frequency to default Microsoft scenery to Nova Iguaçu Airport(ICAO-code SDNY),located inside Rio de Janeiro Metropolitan Region,Brazil. Design : Francisco Vargas. 466K
FS2004 Cargo Boat at Alcatraz. . This cargo ship is docked on Alcatraz Island in san Franciso bay. (Please note that this is not a moving model, just a scenery). By Matthew Dempster. 25K
FS2004 AI Roads V3. Fender bender alley. This Freewhare package. puts Heavy ai models on the roads. Models built in FSDv3. Scenery addons in EZ scenery.Lee Swordy's AFCAD and T TOOLS required (here). The models are basic beginners models, with basic model textures. Some with fsfo bitmaps textures. Formatted with imagetool. All wheels are animated' New interesting lights arrangements' best veiwed, dusk to dawn. All files for ai included. Check at later for my next version. Frank Ovenden. 13.3MB
FS2004 San Francisco, California, Scenery. This scenery contains ground scenery for the area of San Francisco, covering the area from the Golden Gate Bridge to San Francisco Intl (KSFO), Half Moon Bay (KHAF) and Palo Alto (KPAO) in standard FS-resolution of 4.7m/pixel. / Gottfried Razek. 17.5MB

FS2004 Ebnit Aeronautics Base This airport and scenery was designed with the EA-S600-X2 in mind. Features - 2 large parking areas - 3 S600 hangars - Helipad - 10000 X 300ft. runway - Water runway - Full ATC - Docks By: Robby Baldridge. 1.7MB

Update: Adds the beacons and skylights for the international placements of the S600 hangar that came with the EA base download. Note not needed if you already have the S600 hangars download. By: Robby Baldridge 29K

FS2004 TFFF "Fort-de-France le Lamentin" Detailed Scenery Package - for the users of FS ANTILLES 2004 (here) Scenery of the International Airport of "Fort-de-France le Lamentin",locate in Martinique French Caribbeans Island. By: Christian Delblond. 8.7MB