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FS2004 Simple AI v. 1.06. AI Air Traffic Creation Program. I created this program for my own personal use because it was tedious to enter and edit flight plans by hand. This simple and easy to use utility will create departure and return flights from any default FS2004 airports and use any of the planes you have installed(correctly). The programs works very well, as simple as it is but I plan on future enhancements. by: Garrett Hardesty. 1.6MB
ETAV LOGBOOK 1.0.1 - Is one freeware software to register your flight using the aircraft data and to compute the fuel needed and the descent point. One good tool to plan your flight. Developed by: Helcio Ramos de Lima. 23MB
FS2004, FS2002, FS2000 and Combat Flight Simulator Installed Aircraft Lister.v 1.1. Generates a list of installed aircraft in the aircraft directory. Browse aircraft and image files. Use with MSFS9/2004,FS2002, FS2000, and Combat Flight Simulator. Easily customize the list's field width, padding, and specify a field delimiter and row terminator. The list can be sorted by manufacturer, type, title, or subdirectory. Handy to have when you're looking for new aircraft to download! By John Rahn.. 469K
FS2004 Splash Screen Changer. Simple program that changes your FS splash screen each time you run FS. Includes 3 splash screens plus the original FS2004 splash screen By Christopher Trew. 1.7MB
Flight Planner Spreadsheet. Microsoft Works Speadsheet to creat this Flight Planner for the Microsoft Flight Simulator series. Therfore you must have Microsoft Works to use this flight planner. Michael Giuliano. 6K

FS2004/2002 Traffic Route Creator. Used in conjunction with Lee Swordys Traffic Tools (available here), this program provides a friendly graphical user interface to create traffic plans for use with FS. By Christopher Trew. 740K

Update: Traffic Route Creator FIX This is the missing QTINTF.DLL file that is needed to run my Traffic Route Creator program. 1.7MB

AirFxEz - Smoke System effects generator (Commercial - $8.99 Registration to use). People who are new to FlightSim often ask; "Can you shoot guns, drop bombs, etc.?" Unfortunately, FlightSim has no way to add these things. AirFxEz was made to easily add these features and more to FlightSim 2002/2004. Grant Bovee. 7.8MB
FS2004/2002 ATC Radar Screen v5.0 This program will allow you to control a towered-airport or an entire ARTCC/FIR's sector, in a multiplayer session. Features: view jet airways, victor airways, new SID/STARs window, edit ATIS message, view additional airspaces (ONLY FS2004 users), etc. Doesnt requires any earlier version. Requires the Manuel's Service Pack 3 (below) . By: Manuel Ambulo. 3.3MB
FS2004/2002 Manuel's Service Pack 3 The Manuel's Service Pack 3, installs importants files required by the Manuel Ambulo's programs, for run, those are: Airport's Chart Viewer, ATC Radar Screen, Artificial Intelligent ATC, and Aircraft & Gauges Uninstaller. By: Manuel Ambulo. Filename:
FS2004 Aircraft & Gauges Uninstaller v6.0 This program will allow you to remove and delete any aircraft (including the gauges files used by it) installed in your Microsoft Flight Simulator's folder. Doesnt requires any earlier version. Requires the Manuel's Service Pack 3. By: Manuel Ambulo. 151K