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FS2004 Messerschmitt ME262A & ME262B_U1 Package. General: You are about to install the ME262 package which has the nostalgic style of the old machine but the comfort (qua gauges) of a modern jet plane. These ME262's have the Airspeed indicator from the Boeing 737 and the altimeter and the heading indicator from the Cessna 208. They also have an autopilot capability. I changed the contact-points so the birds make contact with the ground and taxi the way they should. The sound-file is also improved so the Swallows sound like they must have sounded in the ancient times (i suggest you turn on your sound systems to maximum, unless you have old traumatised neighbours (in that case use headphones)). These aircraft, originally designed for CFS2, are now completely modified to operate fully in FS9. Flight Model By: Jerry Beckwith. Presented by R. Spaan. 12.9MB
FS2004 Japanese Army Mitsubishi A5M4 "Claude". The Claude was the world's first monoplane carrier fighter. It was a cantilever design with fixed landing gear and an open cockpit. The A5M performed well in wars against China and the USSR and was still the numerically most important Imperial Japanese Navy fighter in 1941. A total of 1094 were built. This is a conversion of the CFS2 A5M4 Claude at to FS2004. Original model by Dave Eckert and Jerry Beckwith. Textures by Jerry Beckwith and Finn Neuik. Gmax model improvements, dynamic virtual cockpit, animation, and FS2004 conversion by Mike Huang. 2.4MB
FS2004 DC-3 ACOF-BB Centennial Aircraft, IFR Panel, 4-Tank Full Package This package offers a modified aircraft.cfg file for the Beaumont and Bitzer 4-tank ship in a new, standalone package. It includes the latest edition of Mark Beaumont's 'IFR' panel and incorporates Beaumont and Bitzer's 4-tank "no ALL tanks" and automixture modifications. Support documentation explains what changes have been made to make the plane fly more closely to the published specifications for the real DC-3, vintage 1939. Supplied with "Century of Flight" Centennial markings on a bare metal livery in restored condition, this aircraft will appear in a fresh aircraft folder to which you can add other texture sets in the usual way. Aliases default DC-3 sound. By Mark Beaumont and Dave Bitzer. . 6.7MB File name: DC3_BB4.ZIP
FS2004 DC-3 Air Dynamics Modification (default aircraft, 3-tank) This package offers a modified aircraft.cfg file for default DC-3. Support documentation explains what changes have been made to make the 'plane fly more closely to the published specifications for the real DC-3, vintage 1939. Supplied with backup file for easy installation. By Mark Beaumont and Dave Bitzer. . 613K File name: DC3_BB3.ZIP
FS2004 Default Douglas DC-3 Pacific Alaska (weathered) textures only. Repaint by Melvin Reed. 2.2MB
FS2004 G-Max T6 Racers Pack - 10 Liveries: Originally Designed By Denis & daniel Da Silva & Retro-Fitted by Cliff presley in a G-max Version, the T6 Racers have a all new look & Flight Dynamics Paint & Flight Dynamics By Robert Hawk for the upcoming Race season to be Hosted by ( Deer Valley Flying Club) Visit Site for Details Season begins officially in April. 11.7MB

FS2004 Hawker Tempest II, MW774 HF-X from 54 Squadron of the Royal Air Force in late 1945. This package includes a new model.The Tempest Mk II was probably the cleanest radial engined fighter of the Second World War. The Centaurus engine and Tempest airframe proved an excellent match and the Centaurus was generally regarded as superior to the Sabre, particularly in terms of reliability.The Tempest II, despite its slightly improved performance and better reliability, never saw combat. Tempest IIs produced during the war were intended for combat against the Japanese, but the Pacific War ended before they could be deployed. This is a FSDS V2 model for FS2004. It features 2D and virtual cockpit, opening cockpit canopy, moving pilot's head and many other animations as well as lights and automatic special effects. By David Hanvey and Paul Barry. Airfile by Jerry Beckwith. Original effects by Jan Rosenberg. 5.2MB
FS2004 Default Douglas DC-3 NASA textures only of a DC-3 operated by NASA N817NA. 1.2MB
FS2004/FS2002/CFS2 Sopwith Pup Updated. British rotary-engined fighter 1916-1917. Includes: textures for RFC and RNAS machines; full moving parts, including engine and controls; working virtual cockpit and custom 2D panel; detailed pilot figure. CFS2 weapons pack includes bombs & rockets. By Stephen O'Leary. 5.3MB