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FS2004/The P2V-7 Neptune Argentine Navy Textures only. has been in service during 30 years and in Falklands War Textures for Tomohito UNAYAMA's The P2V-7 Neptune Requires Tomohito UNAYAMA's original file here. Designed by Tomohito UNAYAMA, original .air file by Michael Cantrell, Updated dynamics. Textures by Edgardo Guzman Gomenzoro. 263K

FS2004 Yakolev 'Yak 52': The visual model is completely new as is the panel and flight dynamics. The textures have been enhanced with the use of some reflective textures. Over six months in the making this new version is a huge improvement. The Yak 52 was a Russian two seat trainer, with tandem seating it has a cockpit layout that is very close to that of the jets the student would progress onto. The Yak 52 is fully aerobatic and I have added wingtip smoke to enhance the aerobatic experience. Also included, opening canopy, steerable nose wheel, detailed visual model, detailed 2D panel. Many Yak 52's can now be seen as private sport aircraft in the west. This model is of a private owned 52 in the UK. John Carter. 7.2MB
FS2004 Douglas DC-5 / R3D. The Douglas DC-5 was developed as a 16/22 passenger civilian airliner, with a high wing and tricycle landing gear. Four examples were produced for KLM Airlines, and were used to evacuate civilians from Java to Australia in 1942. J R Lucariny. 1.3MB
FS2004 Hughes H1B Racer The sleek Hughes H1B Racer was built for Howard Hughes to set a Trans-America speed record in 1937, and a world speed record in 1953. Hughes set a record of 7 hours, 28 minutes from Burbank Ca., to Newark, NJ. The H1B was earier fitted with short wings for setting a world speed record of 352MPH. It is claimed the design influenced the later A6M Zero, and the FW-190. 3.1MB

FS2004 Ilyushin IL-14 RuAF & Aeroflot North division Transport version in two textures (RuAF & Aeroflot North division) of one of the most reliable airplanes in a history of the Soviet aircraft with engines of an early series (were applied also on IL-12). Was especially well used in a polar aviation. Full animation, interior, working VC, the panel is developed on the basis default gauges from DC-3. Autor - Vladimir Zhyhulskiy. 2.3MB

FS2004 - 1927 Ford Flivver #3 This version was flown by Harry Brooks in 1928 during his attempt to set a distance record from Detroit Mi. to Miami Fl. Included is a panel created by J.L. Stubbs. By Paul Beardsley. 2.1MB
FS2004 Consolidated PB2Y-3 "Coronado" The PB2Y-3 was the only 4 engine patrol bomber used by the US Navy just prior to, and in the early stages of WW2. This FSDSv2 model is painted for Patrol Squadron 13 for around 1940. It has the usual animations including retracting wing tip floats, a specular color shine, Nav and landing lights and transparent windows. The 2D panel and VC are based on a photo. By Paul Clawson. 838K
FS2004/2002 Bloch MB.152 This is a fighter of the Bloch Co. that participates in the design competition of the new fighter that French Air Ministry submits specifications in 1934. However, it was not in time for starting the war with Germany of 1940 because the production line did not work well, and was not possible to participate in an initial actual combat. There were a lot of problems such as delivery in state without propeller and heating problem of engine, unequipment of the sight etc. Therefore, a lot of the pilot of French air forces compelled use an old-fashioned aircraft. And, a lot of life was lost. by Kazunori Ito. 1.1MB
FS2004 Avro Lancaster R5852 Pathfinder Textures only. This is a repaint for the excellent Fs2002/Fs2004 Avro Lancaster B. MkI/ III model of Dave Garwood created in 2003 and updated by Rick Rutherford in 2004. This repaint depicts the lancaster B. MkI R5852 OL-Y of No 83 Pathfinder squadron based at Wyton (1942-1944) and Coningsby (1944-1945). It was transferred from No 207 squadron in 1944, and participated in raids on Peenemunde 17/18th August 1944 and Berlin. Dave Garwood's Lancaster should already been installed (here) and the 2004 update (here). Paul Diergaarde. 610K
FS2004 G-Max North American T-6 Harvard MK4 FAB. Originally Designed By Denis & daniel Da Silva & Retro-Fitted by Cliff presley in a G-max Version, Painted in Colurs of FAB by Cristiano Magnani. 6.3MB