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FS2004 Default Douglas DC-3 Full yellow propeller tips update. Hard yellow color tips for easy sight in flight, with medium grey back. Textures only.Please REVIEW the read me wprop.txt By Juan Ernesto Oropeza. 134K
FS2004 Default Douglas DC-3 Texture flap for the Douglas Dc-3 default. This is a new attemp to give any texture flap for the Dc-3 default! Textures only.Please REVIEW the read me dc3flap.txt By Juan Ernesto Oropeza. 81K.
FS2002/FS2004 Convair B-36H PeaceMaker. The development of B-36 was begun as an aircraft that was able to bomb directly to the Europe Continent from an American mainland in the middle of WWII. The hugeness of this aircraft doesn't have the one to exceed this now. However, B-47 of the jet bomber had flown first when the force disposition was begun, and obsoleting became this aircraft. Still, this long distance air performance doesn't throw away easily, and 380 planes were produced for the nuclear attack and the scout under the east and west cold war. Gun turret and bomb bay can open and shut. Moreover, installed XF-85 Goblin can be started. by Kazunori Ito. 2.4MB
FS2004 Curtiss R2C-1. Designed by Glenn Curtiss, Navy Lieutenant Alford J. Williams flew it to first place in the 1923 Pulitzer race. Model, textures, VC, FDE by Mathew Chamberlain. 1.7MB
CFS2, FS2002/2004 Westland Whirlwind Mk.I The Whirlwind was a small single seat, twin engined fighter, powered by a pair of Rolls Royce Peregrine 885 hp engines. It was one of the first fighters to be armed with four 20mm cannon. The Whirlwind was a fine, fast fighter that could combat single-engined fighters with success.It could carry up to 1000 lbs of bombs on two underwing racks. Original model by JR Lucariny. New Airfile, Dp, textures, effects, adapted to CFS2, FS2002/2004 by A.F. Scrub. 9.5MB
FS2004 The Hellenic Spitfires Package. This package includes all the Hellenic Spitfires expect the Spitfire pr Mk.XI witch appeared in one unit and pr Mk.XIII in three units. You can fly the spitfire mk.Vb/c, Spitfire mk.IXe LF/HF and Spitfire Mk.XVIe LF. Greece in 9/23/1938 ordered 12 Spitfires and 12 Anson. During the June of 1939 it was signed the order of 24 Spitfires which cost 9335 pounds each. When Hitler attacked to Poland, England used all the aircrafts that were under construction and of course the Greek were some of them. On 10/12/1943, the 336th Olympus Squadron received the first Spitfire and followed the 335th Tiger Squadron. The Spitfire mk.Vb/c replaced the Hurricane mk.IIb/c. When the two greek Squadrons were at North Africa, their Spitfires wore the , but when they moved to Italy, their Spitfires change to

. The formal receival of them from Greece took place at Araxos AB LGRX on 11-14-1944. The war hadn’t finished yet and Hellas wasn’t free, so the Spitfires were used in battles for Milos’ and Crete‘s freedom. In the end of 1945, RHAF, now HAF, stoped being depended on RAF and the mk.Vb/c were given to Greece on 4/25/1946. In January of 1947 were delivered the Spitfires mk.IXe LF and HF (Low Flying and High Flying). The mk.Vb/c now were used in the new pilots’ training and a new Squadron was created because of the large number of the mk.IX. The name of the new Squadron was 337th Phantom Squadron . On the February of 1949, were delivered the new Spitfires mk.XVIe LF. At the end of their careers, the mk.IX and mk.XVI were used as advanced training aircrafts. Features: 4 models, 6 variations, realistic sounds, panel with mirror view, Virtual Cockpit VC, opening canopy, full moving parts, historical detailes, etc. By Thanasis Delizisis, Panagiotis Delizisis, Ken Harrison (Merlin66), Des Braban. 20MB

See expansion pack here

FS2004 Fairey III D. MkII. A FAA. Spotter/Reconniassance aircraft. Typical colour scheme, circa. 1924. Fitted with wheeled undercart. Extensive rebuild to reflect more data. Ver. 0_1, By Edward Cook. 1.3MB
FS2004 Fairey III D. MkII. A FAA. Spotter/Reconniassance aircraft. Typical colour scheme, circa. 1924. Extensive rebuild to reflect more data. Ver. 0_3, By Edward Cook. 1.2MB
FS2004 Messerschmitt ME 109 Package. This is a full package (aircraft and panel) and it is for FS 2004, but it should work also in fs2002, except the GPS, to be displayed at 1024x768 resolution or more. We also provided two textures, one with 'svastika' and one no 'svastika'. The German Messerschmitt based his design on the experiance he had gained with the Bf 108. It was an excellent lightweight plane, which was superior to the modern fighter planes used by some nations at that time. So Messerschmitt optimized the fuselage, reduced the weight and fitted this design with the most powerful engine available at that time. A small amount of these machines was also flown by the Repubblica Sociale Italiana "ANR" towards the end of WW2.Created by Capt. I. D'Attomo & Giovanni Quai with Abacus FSDS_v2. 7.6MB
FS2004 Fairey III D. 'Lucitania' The aircraft used by Commanders Coutinho and Cabral to start on the first South Atlantic crossing by Portugal in June 1922. Ver. 0.1, By Edward Cook. 1.3MB