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Vintage Page 70
FS2004 P-51D Mustang Old Crow. Aircraft is owned by Jack Rouch.. In 1981 this aircraft was owned by Bob Byrne and called "Rascal" in 1994 it was purchased by Jack Rouch and painted in tribute to Col. Bud Anderson's Old Crow Original by Roger Dial Textures By Mark "Fireball" Rooks Of RSDG Of RSDG. 4.6MB
FS2004 North American P-51D Mustang G-HAEC Big Beautiful Doll Package. Aircraft Includes 2D & Virtual Cockpit Paint Kit By the Digital Aircraft Team Repaint By Ben Hartmann Aircraft Designed by Andrew C Wai. 8MB
FS2004 Short S.25V Sandringham T.A.P.Portugal 1940s Package. The Sandringham was a civil conversion of the WW2 Short Sunderland maritime patrol flying boat. Includes virtual cockpit (VC) Liveries for Vintage T.A.P. by Francis F Silva model by Jens B. Kristensen. 5.8MB
FS2004 Consolidated B-24D Liberator Polish Squadron Package. Register number GR-S, KG890. belong to the 1586 Polish Squadron (Special Duty Operations), based in Campo Casale, Italy.Flew over Poland the night of 14/15 August 1944.After delivery the supplies in Warsaw they were shot down by a German fighter plane near Bochnia (260Km south of Warsaw) in the way back to Brindisi,Italy. Original aircraft by Alphasim, sounds By Reinhard Herrmann. Panel by P.Metcalf. Repaint by Major (R) Guillermo Posadas AAF. 9.7MB

FSX/ FS2004 SimTech Do 335 Package. The Do 335 has been around for a few years now and has gone through a few transformations in its lifetime, this will be the final Transformation other then a complete new Do 335 for fsx. The old Do 335 had issues that were in need of getting fixed; This edition of the Do 335 from Simtech is set up especially for FS9 GW. The Do 335 will work well in FS2002 as well as FSX Although in FSX you will encounter a few errors for some of the older gauges will not run in FSX. Outside of that it runs well in fsx. Animations include all the usual plus Opening bomb bay,Opening gun bays,Opening front engine bay and Opening rear engine bay. also included in this package are new Flight model,New sounds,New gauges and a paint kit. Enjoy Tom Wood/ Simtech Flight Design Ltd. 54MB

Fsx patch For D0 335 V_1.0. This will enable this aircraft to work in FSX without glitches. There are 3 things that needed fixed in the do 335, the panel config had to be edited for the new way fsx reads things. The Air file needed tweeking to fix the misplaced strobe lights and make the Do335 fly smoother in fsx. 38K

FS2004 Bücker BU-133 The model has been created with Abacus FSDS: it features very detailed moving parts, such as all flight controls, spinning wheels, rotating pilot's head on rudder command. Capt. I. D'Attomo Capt. G.Quai. 2.7MB
FS2004 Tex Hill's Curtis P 40 Tiger. This is a accurate Re-paint in Tex Hill's livery. He Flew with the famed AVC Flying Tigers as a fighter pilot working with the American Volunteer Group in China during WWII under General Claire Lee Chennault, During an eight-month period, a handful of swift, heavily armed P-40’s destroyed 297 Japanese aircraft. Twelve of those fell from the sky under the guns of Hill’s Tomahawk. Brig. General Hill holds the Distinguished Service Cross, Distinguished Flying Cross with three Oak Leaf Clusters, Presidential Unit Citation with Oak Leaf Cluster, Silver Star, and military honors from China and Great Britain. This is a complete aircraft Textures By Mark ‘ Fireball ‘ Rooks. 15.7MB
FS2004 RSDG Lockheed Vega. This is a repaint of A Stock Vega For Flight Simulator 2004 in a high luster shine this Effect achieved with the use of a modified Alpha Channel and Light Bending Process ..This Technique created and used by Rooks Silva Design Group ( RSDG ) Textures by Mark Rooks " Fireball ". 8.2MB

FS2004 Caudron C450 "Rafale" Hélène Boucher, 1934, . A French racer built in 1934, originally for the "Coupe Deutch de la Meurthe" trophy. But this plane was also - and above all - the one used by the french pilot Hélène Boucher to set, during the summer of 1934, several very historical speed records - over 400 km/h - that made the young woman enter the legend, only a few weeks before her death ...Contains all the usual features (moving parts, etc, and even Hélène's face in the pilot seat).Complete package with custom 2D panel (an original bitmap by me, using mainly stock gauges). By Pat Grange. 5.7MB
FS2004 North American T-28 Fennec N14113 Textures only. This Aircraft is Based at Duxford, Cambs. Textures only. Requires any version of Tim Conrad's T-28 model (here). Repaint by Ben Hartmann of UKMIL. 1.5MB