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FS2004 North American T-6 Harvard Mk.IV N452CA, an aircraft previously owned by Hank Avery now owned by Kreg Kirby. It is operated out of Silver Creek Airport (NC52) in Morganton, North Carolina. Original model by Denis and Daniel da Silva. Panel bitmap by Johann Lemers, reworked by Dalton Walters. This is the entire aircraft, nothing else needed. By Dalton Walters. 9.6MB

FS2004 North American NA-64 Yale. This Yale represents RCAF3355 (Serial No. 64-2172). The aircraft is stationed in Hershey, Nebraska and owned by Timothy Liewer. This is the entire aircraft, nothing else needed. Original model by Denis and Daniel da Silva; panel is based on former NA-64, RCAF3425. By Dalton Walters. 10.8MB
Navy N2S-1 Stearman Kaydet This aircraft is based on a Stearman N2S-1 (N3997L) (Serial No. 75-1122) owned by John H. Shell and operated out of Silver Creek Airport (NC52) in Morganton, North Carolina, USA. This is the entire aircraft, nothing else is needed. Original aircraft, panel and sounds by Dave Eckert. Repaint by Dalton Walters. 6.5MB
FS2004 Armstrong-Whitworth Whitley Mk.V, Bomber Command. The Armstrong-Whitworth Whitley was a twin-engine night bomber that served the R.A.F. in early World War Two. It's overall dumpiness was not helped by it's strange, nose-down flying atttitude. The Whitley V (black Bomber Command one) is a multi-res model and can be used as AI aircraft in Quick Combat or missions with ease. The Whitley VII, also included in this package, is not multi-res. Requires suitable ww2 bomber panel. By Alpha Simulations. 2.1MB
FS2004 Flying Flea (Pou du Ciel) HB-MH8 Textures only. Real livery for this Flea to the Swiss aviation pioneer Guignard. This aircraft is in display to the Swiss Museum of Transport to Lucerne. Original aircraft by Warwick Carter (required here).Repainted by Jean-Jacques Parel. 462K
CFS2/FS2004 B-17g Fuddy Duddy Textures only. Original model by ACT publishing. Converted into B-17g by HerbieG. Basic bare metal texture by Robert L Erwin. Air and Dp files, bombsight and access to all turrets. Adapted to CFS2/2002/2004 with new airfile, exhaust, gunfiring and contrails effects. FS2002 and FS2004 flyers, read important notice !Required original by A.F. Scrub here. New Textures for Fuddy Duddy by D. L. Textures. 923K
FS2004 North American T-6G USAF. This aircraft is based on a North American T-6G (N946WF) owned by the late Wyatt Fuller of Hickory, North Carolina, USA. Mr. Fuller was killed when his F-86E Sabre blew up during an aborted takeoff. This is the entire aircraft, nothing else needed. Original model by Denis and Daniel da Silva. Panel and textures by Dalton Walters. 6.3MB
CFS2,FS2000/FS2002/FS2004 Spitful upgrade: The Supermarine Spiteful was a direct development of the Spitfire using a new laminar flow wing .Spiteful RB518, was modified to Mark 16 configuration and fitted with a Griffon 101 engine . During a test in 1947 this aircraft attained 494 m.p.h. at 27,500ft. This update makes the plane go up to 430 knots as the real RB518 did. Instrument panel, lights and effects placement are corrected. A vintage autopilot is included for FS9 and the mdl file is cleaned up and sleeker now. Panel, lights and effects improvements by John-George A. Myressiotis and Michel Gerard. Airfile, instrument colors, texture and upgraded mdl by A.F.Scrub. 7.7MB
FS2004 Sopwith 5F-1 Dolphin. The first fighter designed as multi-gun. Aircraft of 79 Squadron based at Champion in Feb 1919. Ver. 0_1, By Edward Cook . 6.3MB
FS2004 T6 North American Harvard Belgium Airforce. OriginalAircraft Designed by Denis da Silva and Daniel da Silva. Repaint and update by Martin Standaer from an original texture by Robert Hawk. 2.8MB