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Vintage Page 90
FS2004 Hawker Tomtit Trainer V2 (Ground handling improved) RAF trainer built in 1938. Ver.2, By Edward Cook. 3.8MB

FS2004 Savoia Marchetti S.73 Package ver. 2.0 This is the FS9 model of the Savoia Marchetti (SIAI) S73 or SM73, an elegant thirties Italian transport aircraft. After a 1.0 version I’ve entirely rebuilt this 2.0. Main upgrades are: 1) Completely new GMax model(s), with improved details, animations and texture realism. 2) A new texture map allowing more flexible repaints. 3) More accurate flight dynamics and reference notes. 4) Original sound package added. 5) New panel w/metric gauges. 6) Historical documentation and handling notes are added. The package contains six texture sets, each with own model file with four different engine types in flight dynamics files. The liveries provided are: Ala Littoria (two liveries), Avio Linee Italiane, Nucleo Comunicazioni LATI, SABENA and Regia Aeronautica 605-3. Complete package with model, panel, virtual cockpit, texture sets and sounds. Models, virtual cockpit, sounds and panel by pcmeneg, paints by Manuele Villa, flight dynamics, info and handling notes by FSAviator. See "README_S73_V3.txt", "Handling the S73.txt", "Navigating the S73.txt" and "History.txt" for more details. 21MB

Update: This patch corrects some malfunctions in the VC. Sorry for the inconvenience. 1.6MB

FS2004 Vultee XP-54 Swoose Goose.A radical design shape in response to USAAF R409C RFP looking for unconventional designs.Originally designed as a fighter-bomber, its mission was changed to high altitude interceptor. The height required to keep the prop clear of the ground gave rise to a unique egress - the seat raised and lowered, also allowing the canopy to be solid and pressurized. Featured a moveable nose that automatically adjusted the cannon elevation. The Lycoming engine never worked out its teething problems, nor delivered its projected power. Project cancelled after about a year of flight test. 2 built. Created by: Jeffrey Nissen (model, textures, panel mods, flight dynamics). Not tested in FSX but it should work. 4.8MB
FS2004 Curtiss XP-55 "Ascender". This radical "tail" first canard was another plane which developed in response to the solicitation for advanced and unconventional aircraft proposals by the Air Corp. It was essentially a flying wing in a pusher configuration powered by the V-1710-95(F23R). The first of three prototypes flew in 1943, the performance achieved being 390 mph at 19,300 ft with a service ceiling of 34,600 ft. The advances by conventional aircraft and the development of the turbojet, along with the demands of high-priority production programs led to no interest in further development of the AscenderCreated by: Jeffrey Nissen (model, textures, panel mods, flight dynamics)Not tested in FSX but it should work. 10.8MB
FS2002/FS2004 Fairey Barracuda Mk.V. The Fairey Barracuda was a British carrier-borne torpedo- and dive-bomber used during the Second World War. The first of its type to be fabricated entirely from metal. It was introduced to the Fleet Air Arm as a replacement for the Fairey Swordfish and Fairey Albacore biplanes. It is notable for its role in attacking the German battleship Tirpitz and infamous for its unusual appearance when the undercarriage was extended and wings folded. Final version of the Barracuda was the Mk V which replaced the Merlin powerplant with a Rolls-Royce Griffon and featured various aerodynamic changes. The Mk V did not take to the air until 16 November 1944, and Fairey built only 37 before the war in Europe was over. By Kazunori Ito. 3.5MB
FS2004 Messerschmitt Me 109 T fighter. The Messerschmitt Me 109T was the projected carrier version of the Me 109E model. About 70 planes of this version were build by Fieseler, several modifications had to be made to adapt these single seat fighters for the use on aircraft carriers: Model & texutres by J R Lucariny. 3.8MB
FS 2004 North American O-47. The North American O-47 was a 3 crew member observation plane developed in the late 1930's. The observation concept changed at the beginning of WW2 and most of O-47's were assigned to various ANG units. This is a FSDS V3.51 project compiled with Makemdl into FS 2004. It features the usual animations, reflective textures, landing and nav lights. The 2D and VC are based on a photo. The VC has animated controls and working gauges. By Paul Clawson. 850K
FS2004 Junkers Ju 87B Stuka. If ever there was to be an effective weapon that could be termed as being successful as well as deadly, it would have to be the Junkers Ju87, known to Germans as the Sturzkampfbomber, and better known to the English as a dive-bomber or better still a "Stuka". No other aircraft can make claim to the number of ships sunk and also it ranks second to the number of enemy tanks destroyed during times of warfare. Model & textures by J R Lucariny. 1.5MB
FS2004 Boeing Stearman Kaydet PT-13 FAV Textures only. Boeing Stearman Kaydet PT-13 FAV N°1 was the first operational trainer in the Venezuelan Air Force around the 50's, before the becoming of the Mentor T-34A. Today is a beautiful museum piece to remember those pilots who learned to fly at this machine. Requires Stearman package here. Original file by David Eckert.Textures only. By Juan Ernesto Oropeza. 1.9MB
FS2004 Panel and VC updates for Paul Clawson's Consolidated Commodore (here). Gauges are from the default DC-3, all re-arranged into a new, easy to read layout.VC ciew is moved into the pilot's seat and raised a little. A Throttle box has been installed into bitmap to eliminate those "Floating" levers.The autopilot and radio entries in Aircraft Cfg. are tweaked to accomodate DC-3autopilot and radio stack. These files have been tested in FS2004, use them at your own risk.But they shouldn't cause any Problems. Thank you for downloading these updates.Thanks to Paul Clawson for prividing the original files. I also recommend aliasing the sound to the Ford Trimotor.Bob Erwin. 1.8MB