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Helicopters Page 17

FS98/FS2000 Scenery--Uk Oilrigs 187 oilrigs around the UK with NDB's , from the North Atlantic Rim to the Morecambe Field. By Gabor Kmetyko.


CFS/FS98 Scenery "Helo Workout" This scenery is designed to allow the avid helo pilot hone his skills. There are lots of challenging heliports 747 rescue, shipboard, oil rig, tiny islands, etc. - you will need to land at each point to see the instructions to the next point. If you crash, then you are in shark infested waters off Hawaii. By Bob Hinckley. 215K
Capt. Schorsch's Helobase Chicago This scenery is a fictional one. It's a small island out in Lake Michigan near good old Meigs Field. It contains some custom made buildings, hangars and a fire deptartements car. All macros and their textures are created by me exept of some standart AIRPORT 2.10 macros and textures like the trees or the ground textures. 166K

FS2000 Mac Donnell-Douglas MD-500E / Hughes 500E of Helit Helicopters. This light multi-role helicopter flies in Switzerland as a multi-functional helicopter for the Helit Helicopters based at La Chaux-de-Fonds, Les Eplatures (LSGC). Supported by the Breitling Academy and Breitling Emergency watches. Aircraft features animated rotors. With landing lights. Panel and sounds included. Original by Ian Standfast. Repainted and modified by Nils Arrigo and Kenny Morand

FS98 version 689K

Bell 412 Panel Ver. 1.0 by Andreas Kotzur Original File by Domenico Demezzi. 1.5MB

FS98 AlouetteIII - Österreichisches Bundesheer - (Austrian army helicopter). Designer: Wolfgang Kulhanek. 191K

FS98 Aluette III Air Zermatt - (Swiss rescue helicopter). Designer: Wolfgang Kulhanek. 191K


FS98 British Army Westland Lynx AH-7. Operated by the Army Air Corps. Holder of the helicopter air speed record. Like the real thing, very manouverable, very fast! Original by Nigel Booth, repainted by Tony Cooke. Includes sounds by Mike Hambly. Includes 99% accurate panel by Tony Cooke. 1.9MB


FS98 MBB/KAWASAKI BK117 version 2, Airlift Canada, by Ian Standfast. 259K


FS98 MBB/KAWASAKI BK117 version 2, Medivac, by Ian Standfast. 244K


FS98 MBB/KAWASAKI BK117 version 2, Florida Aeromed, by Ian Standfast. 237K