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Helicopters Page 5

FS98 SA 350 Squirrel. File size 164148. I Standfast

FS98 AS 355 Twin Squirrel with moving parts. Colt Air services, UK. File size 153858. I Standfast

FS98 MBB/ Kawasaki BK117, Airmed, Arizona. File size 109272. I Standfast

FS98 Golden Rotors Package
This set contains two rotary winged aircraft of the 1930s. The first is the Pitcairn PA-21 autogyro in Detroit News livery. It's lift is provided by the auto-rotating blades after an initial rotor spin up through geared shafts from the engine. it is not a true helicopter but can make very steep jump take offs and landings at very low speeds. The other aircraft is the Sikorsky VS-300, one of the world's first truly successful helicopters. This model first flew in 1939 as an open framework affair and was crashed and rebuilt several times over the next two years. Igor Sikorsky in his big black hat did most the test flying. File size 503692

FS98 AS 355 Twin Squirrel in Aerospatiale colors with panel & moving parts. File size 152970. I Standfast

FS98 AS 350 Squirrel. Sky Cam, Philadelphia, with panel. File size 152970. I Standfast

FS98 Aerospatiale SA 365N Dauphin2 (Dolphin). File size 85567. I Standfast

FS98 MBB Kawasaki BK117, Pegasus Air Ambulance. File size 105734. I Steadfast

FS98 Eurocopter AS 355 Twin Squirrel of the West Midlands Police, UK. Moving rotors. File size 162311. I Steadfast

FS98 Bell 206L Longranger, Marine Helicopters. File size 75767. I Steadfast

FS98 Bell 407 of Alpine Helicopters. File size 81856. I Steadfast

FS98 MBB Kawasaki BK117 of the Stat Medivac air ambulance. File size 98088. I Steadfast