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Civil Jets Page 102
FS98 easyJet B737-700. "Next Generation" 737 registration number N16703. Flight and visual models by Brian Quayle and Rafael Hidd. Original textures by Felipe Escalona (Copa Airlines 737-700). New flight dynamics file by Steve Tremayne. easyJet Airline painting by John Redmond. 86K

FS98 Canadair/Bombardier RJ200-LR ver4 Eastwest VA VH-CRB Full Moving Parts: ailerons, elevators nosewheel, flaps, gear, rudder Original FD & Artwork: Barry Blaisdell Eastwest Paint scheme by Steve McDonald. 100K

FS98/ FS 2000 KLM Boeing Boeing 767-400 PH-MAC "Carlos" For Microsoft Flight Simulator 98 and 2000!!!!! Real rotating fanblades, speedbrakes above the wing, rudder, landing gear and baydoors and flaps, designed in two parts. The flaps move, and did not rotate! Design, Texture and Flight Dynamics by Martijn van Geldere. 130K

FS98 Boeing 757-200 - Aero Continente. Aero Continente is the main peruvian airline, and serves most domestic routes in Peru, as well as some international routes. Its fleet is mainly composed by Boeing 727, 737 and Fokker F-28 for domestic routes, while international flights are currently served with Boeing 767.- Original model by Holger Ellerbrock. Repaint by Jorge Merino. 91K
FS98 Canadair/Bombardier RJ200-ER Eurowings Reg ID: D-AKEN Ver4 with Full Moving Parts and Night Lighting Designer: Barry Blaisdell EWG Paint: Bob May Premier Aircraft Design. 86K
FS98 Boeing 747-400 Virtical Airlines from USA. This version made some detail corrections and whole new design flower color on vertical tail wing,to make it looks better and real, and the most important,compatible in any scenery. Original by: Jason Jorgensen. Repaint by: Jason Jorgensen. 70K
FS98 DASSAULT FALCON 900EX by Hendrik Grauls. 79K

FS98/2000 and CFS2 Air Holland Boeing 757-200. I made this aircraft especially for Air Holland, a Dutch aircraft company. They fly with a modern B 757-200. This aircraft is developed for FS2000, but is also working under FS98. This aircraft has moving parts: Real rotating fanblades, speedbrakes above the wing, rudder, landing gear and baydoors and flaps, Aircraft Design by Martijn van Geldere Textures by Martijn van Geldere Flight Dynamics by Martijn van Geldere. 70K

FS98/FS2000 TranStar MD-83. Model by Kim Simmerlink, Re-paint by Jim Waters. TranStar was formed from the Muse Air reorganization. It was also Houston-based and operated for 1 year. Model features moving gear, slats, flaps. 127K

FS98/FS2000 MUSE Air MD-83. Model by Kim Simmerlink, Re-paint by Jim Waters. Muse was a Houston-based discount carrier which ceased operations in 1988. 121K
American Airlines FS98/FS2000 McDonnell Douglas MD-83 Repaint: James Waters Original model: Kim Simmelink. 108K