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Civil Jets Page 17

FS98 Learjet 45. Super tuned model with more realistic filght model. File size 81292

FS98 Boeing 727-220 in Boeing colours. File size 78389

FS98 Delta Boeing 777-200. High quality model. File size 317629

FS98 NASA Gulfstream IV-SP. File size 75216

FS98 Air Jamaica Airbus A310-300. High quality. File size 516537

FS98 TWA Convair CV880. File size 139141

FS98 Bacal CJ-111 Raptor. File size 82097

FS98 Malaysian Boeing 747-400 High quality model, file size 176625

FS98 Swissair McDonnell Douglas MD11 with highly complex panel. Requires ACS-GPS in Gauges. File size 1822549. A Capt, S Ahlberg

Upgrade for this file. File size 550862.

FS98 Mid West Connection Macdonnell Douglas MD80. File size 95046