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Civil Jets Page 54

FS98 United Boeing 757-222 with moving parts. File size 146146. B Alderson, B Herbert

FS98 L1011 Plane and panel Package
Aircraft by Mike Vidal. Visual by Brian Quayle. Moving Parts and Panel by David Durst. Flight model specific to FS98. File size 1655069

FS98 UPS Cargo Boeing 747-100. File size 178974. Repainted by D Cougar

FS98 British Airways Boeing 737-200 with moving parts. File size 121772. J Oppenheimer. Patch (65k)


FS98 Continental MacDonnell Douglas DC-9-14. File size 134681. N Bottamer
FS98 Lufthansa Tupolev TU 204T cargo. File size 81905. J Lung

FS98 Korean Air Boeing 777-200 (ProMax) 01 Features maximum moving parts, maximum 3D parts, maximum textures AF99 circle,12 sided fuselage and engines. Night lighting, including tail logo lighting. Camil Valiquette. File size 66840


FS98 Midway Fokker F100 with moving parts. File size 113635. OMC'99


FS98 Sabena Boeing 747-400. File size 66840. V Vanbeginne


FS98 Air Tran MD-95 with moving parts. Fiel size 70421. E Johnson, D Waldromn, M Vidal