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Civil Jets Page 60

FS98 Air New Zealand Boeing 737-200. File size 89332.

FS2000 Hapac Lloyd default Boeing 737 replacement textures. File size 48k. C Krause

Alaska Airlines FS2000 replacement textures for the default 737. File size 52k C Krause

FS98 British Airways A310-100. File size 122602. K Simmelink, N Botamer

FS98 Delta Boeing 767-300ER. File size 139112. B Herbert

FS98 Compass A320-223 New Version with moving parts. Design by: Kevin Sison Textures: Moving Parts:Juan Rodrigo Velásquez,Iván Rodríguez. With panel. File size 1068940.

FS98 Delta Airlines Boeing 727-200. Delta's new livery. Features moving parts (including elevators, ailerons, flaps, spoilers and landing gears and doors), maximum textures, and 12 sided fuselage and engines. From The Gold Collection. Flight models by Brian Quayle. Visual models by Jorge Oppenheimer. Textures by The Freeware Works.. File size 55141

FS98 Boeing 747-400 in house colors. New textures. File size 59884. R Hidd, B Alderson

FS98 Compass Airlines. The Boeing 717-2L9 is a short-to-medium range (2,545 km, 1,580 mi), Rolls Royce BR715 powered, 106 seat airliner. It has a fuel capacity of 3,670 gallons (13,890 l), and a weight of 111,000 lbs. This two engine jet is operated out of ORF by Seaboard Lines. Seaboard Lines is a virtual airline which serves the eastern US. Panel by R Chaffin. ACSGPS by A Capt. File size 1243530

FS98 Eurowings A310-200. High quality with full moving parts. File size 379339. H Shwartz, J Dohrn