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FS98 Rockwell B-1B USAF Bomber. File size 103455. If you experience flying problems here's a modified .air file (17k)

FS98 B52 Stratofortress File Size 1050751

FS98 USAF F-16C Fighting Falcon,An F-16C Fighting Falcon of the 4th TFS, 388th TFW for FS98. Panel by Roger Gaylor included. By Conor McDermottroe. High quality File size 372159.

FS98 F-86 Sabre by Shigeru Tanaka. File size 247449

FS98 B2 Spirit Stealth. by Capt Slug. file size 124301

FS2000/FS98 SR-71 Blackbird Origional : Rod Conklin Upgrades : Mark "sylo" Harrison FS98 SR-71 Blackbird with new 3D wheels and moving retractable undercarriage. From the origional by Rod Conklin and modified by Mark "sylo" Harrison. 1.3MB Download here

ead a review here

FS98 Saab Draken by Gregor C. Gebel File Size 144903

FS98 MD PhantomFS98 McDONNELL DOUGLAS PHANTOM RF-4C EJERCITO del AIRE(Spanish airforce) 12-57 Since 1989,forteen planes join 123 Recce squadron based at Torrejon (Madrid).Michael Gurezka (AFX) and Sigfrid Roig (Artwork). File Size 94236

FS98 Hawker Harrier Jump JetFs98 British Aerospace Harrier GR Mk 3 in desert colors. Model simulates the wide flight envelope of the Harrier. It has operating retracts, optional pilot, strobes and landing lights. By Bill Lyons File Size 66211

FS98 Singapore F16Republic of Singapore Air Force F-16 Republic of Singapore Air Force. The RSAF has just added this aircraft to its modern and sophisticated fleet. This aircraft has improved flight dynamics. Painted by Melvin Rafi. File Size 239799

FS95 English Electric Lightning. English Electric Lightning F.3 Lightning Training Flight RAF Binbrook designed by Steve Barnes File Size 157996

FS98 T-37 Fuerza Aerea de Chile Original: Mike Mendez Painted: Javier Barros S. File Size 127865