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FS98 Grumman X29 experimental.Moving Parts Grumman X-29 FS98 X-29 built on behalf of Black Box Test Facility features ANIMATED Elevators, Gear and Canards. By Graham "Dotcom" Waterfield (FSD) & David Lewis File size 84358. Panel here

FS98 United Freedom Fighters AWACS FS98/CFS United Freedom fighters (UFF) This is the United Freedom Fighters (uff) E-3 AWACS.A part of the UFF collection. It works with fs98 and cfs. Painted with the UFF letters.Also with working Landing Lights.Includes panel. Keith Olmstead. File size 1177452

FS98 Mig 29 with panel. FS98/CFS United Freedom fighters (UFF) This is the United Freedom Fighters (uff) F-16 That is a part of seriers_1 with a new panel. A part of the UFF collection. It has been reworked to work with fs98 and cfs.This is a stand alone Aircraft. Painted with the UFF letters. Keith Olmstead. File size 1348730

FS98 Brazillian Mirage III EBR Brazilian Air Force (FAB) MIRAGE IIIEBR This Mirage IIIEBR registration 4912 flow in the Brazilian Air Force (FAB) in 1972 in the 1 ALADA based at Anapolis Air Base and still flying today. Paint scheme used from 1972 to 1981. By Heitor Antunes.File size 101984

FS98 Lockheed U2 Spyplane.FS98 Lockheed U2 spyplane in "Little Devil" paint scheme (fictional). Converted to FS98 from the origional by Paul Brown and Mike Hill... reworked by Mark"sylo"Harrison. File size 58667

FS98 General Dynamics EF-111A, General Dynamics/Grumman EF-111A Raven high quality model. File size 446162Mike Hill and Terry Hill original - repainted & modified by Gregor C. Gebel

FS98 Douglas RB 66B Destroyer.Douglas RB-66B Destroyer/ FS98 by Jerry Arzdorf The B-66 was developed from the Navy A3D Skywarrior. First flown in 1954, it was used in Vietnam. 294 were built. This plane is at the Pima Air Museum in Tucson, AZ. File size 62212

North American B45c Tornado.B-45C Tornado for FS 98 by Jerry Arzdorf The B-45 was the first American four-engine jet bomber to fly and the first USAF jet bomber to go into production. File size 77539

F-22A Raptor pack with panel. File size 1126518

B-52 Stratofortress.FS98 Boeing B-52D (BBM) Stratofortress This model represents a plane from the 43rd Strategic Wing based at Andersen AFB. It flew over 200 missions over Vietnam. Most ones were the so-called 'Arc Light' carpet bombings. It is one of the 15 strategic bombers that were lost during the extensive raids on Hanoi and North Vietnam in December 1972 (operation 'Linebacker'). Designer: Gregor C. Gebel Flight Inspector: Major Clayton Dopke. File size 526305