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FS98 Saab Jakt Viggen JA37 FS98 JA37 Jaktviggen. The 'System 37 Viggen' (Thunderbolt) weapon platform comprises five different versions, servicing the Swedish Airforce from 1967. The fighter version, JA37, entered service in 1975 and is an all-wheather defence aircraft suitable for low altitude operation. This model has no weapons but features a detailed design to the limits of FlightShop. Landing lights are fitted. By Bertil Nilsson.File size 117840

FS98 Boeing KC135 Tanker (Military carrier based on 707)KC-135 STRATOTANKER AIRCRAFT & PANEL FOR FS98 BY Scott Shuford Full pack File size 1722181

FS98 C-141B Starlifter File size 97914

FS98 Boeing Sentry airborn warning & control aircraft. File size 44050

FS98 BAe RAF Nimrod (British reconnaissance plane based on dH Comet Airliner) File size 166463

FS98 Boeing F15 Eagle with sound MD / BOEING F-15E "EAGLE" "Best of the Era series" By Graham "Dotcom" Waterfield File size 842925

FS98 F15E Strike Eagle An F-15E Strike Eagle of the 391st FS 366th Wing for FS98. Panel included. By Conor McDermottroe. File size 146008

FS98 Grumman A6 Intruder Complete Package This is a highly detailed package of the Grumman A-6 Intruder. The plane is painted in USS Carl Vinson coulours. This package includes a very accurate flight model, a new edited set of sounds with speech, and a new, photorealistic panel. This A-6 allows carrier takeoffs and landings and simulates a tail hook. By Oliver Braun and Steve Klauser File size 1674488

FS98 Canadair CF10 Starfighter Canada's - Canadair CF104 Starfighter - 417 Squadron (1983). Painted to honour the closing of the OTU at Cold Lake, Alberta, Canada in 1983. The OTU trained over 750 Starfighter pilots between 1962 and 1983. The "417" Squadron honoured its closing with this paint scheme in this plane's last flight in July of 1983. Repainted by Peter Behring.File size 36904

FS98 RF84F Thunderflash FS98 RF 84F Thunderflash USA ,by Massimo Taccoli. This aircraft shows a Republic RF 84F of 303rd TRS, in USAFE service circa 1956.File size 91676