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Space Shuttle Discovery. FS95/FS98 Space Shuttle "Discovery" A highly detailed model of the Space Shuttle Orbiting Vehicle OV-103 "Discovery". Celebrate NASA's 40th year and Astronaut hero John Glenn's return to space. Includes detailed panel for FS98. By Deane Baunton. File size 568976
FS98 X15 Multiplayer file. Includes X15, Northrop T-38, Lockheed F104, Boeing NB52B. File size 1805293

FS98 Spacecraft Orion as seen in 2001 Space Odyssey File size 200519

FS98 Autogyro File size 125217

FS98 Hot Air Balloon with panel. File size 532781
FS98 Jet Pack Man. File size 128965

FS98 Quick start utility. File size 274985. K Maclachan

FS98 Bell X1. 1947 Rocket - 1st aircraft to break sound barrier. Full pack, with sound etc. File size 1637141

FS98 Aurora concept spy jet. Designed for FS5/FSFS so use converter to install. File size 40279
FS98 Jet Glider. Fantasy idea of a jet powered glider. File size 358297.