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Panels Page 13
Lockheed L1011, FS98 Lockheed L-1011 Tristar Panel Version 2.0 Version 2.0 of the Tristar Panel contents a completely reworked Panel-Bitmap, which is much clearer now. The Gauges are placed more similar to the real cockpit and a lot of new Gauges are added. By Matthias Lieberecht. File size 1309047
A340. FS98 A340 Panel v1.5 This version includes an "Avionics Switch" to turn "on" or "off" the electronic instruments on the panel for greater realism. It also includes "Moving Trim Wheels" and many other new gauges. The package includes a full FREEWARE version and two optional SHAREWARE gauges giving "Moving Map Mode" (this also requires ND99_10.zip). Designed for 1024 x 768, but will work at 800 x 600. Fully tested in ALL 3D and normal modes. For high resolutions a fast PC is recommended. By Roy Chaffin. File size 2788209.
Cessna 208 Caravan. FS98 Cessna Grand Caravan 208 Design by David Durst. Fully functional, ideal for IFR. File size 1068498
BN-2B-20 Islander. FS98 Islander BN-2B 20 Panel An advanced avionics panel for the BN-2B 20 twin 300hp model (available seperately) By Rory Gillies. Great avionics in this high quality panel. File size 1704013
Convair PBY Catalina.Convair PBY Catalina Instrument Panel For FS98. By Brian Horsey Sept 98 The panel BMP is based on the Lancaster panel Designed by Phil Perrott. The Throttle Quadrant was taken from the DC3 panel of Don Alexander. Thank you both. I would also like to thank Harry Follas for his assistance and the BMP of the Control Yoke. File size 805464
Beech BE-76 Dutchess FS98 Beechcraft BE-76 Duchess Instrument Panel Version 2.1 Incorporates Simone Girlanda's TA2000 GPS. by Michael Verlin. File size 1299094
Monocoupe 90.Monocoupe 90 (to be found in '30sport.zip' from Bill Lyons on 03-06-99) New panel and gauge arrangement; the gauges are now moree proper to the photo bitmap of the panel. 30Sport.zip required. By Michael Schurz File size 1347647
dH Mosquito. FS98 panel for the DeHavilland Mosquito NF-11. A British twin engined night fighter of WWII. By Dave Haskell. File size 1373258
de Havilland Dash 7. FS98 Dash7 Panel by Bruce Upperton. This is a major upgrade of the Dash7 panel by Bruce Upperton. The Original panel was uploaded as part of a package Although created for 'Nipiki', this panel will suit any 4 engine Turboprop. Very kind on frame rates, visually stunning, clear instruments all easy to read and accurate to the real Dash 7. . File size 833996
de Havilland Dash 8-300.Alex's Dash 8-300 realistic panel for FS98 File size 836279