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Panels Page 15
Junkers JU52/3 Photoreal 1930's & 40's panel with custom gauges. File size 1985384
Avro 504K WW1 Trainer. File size 536379
Generic WW1 open cockpit panel. File size 219299

Fokker F27. Fantastic complex panel with Ground proximity warning, GPS, lights & more. File size 3011526.

Upgrade for this panel adds improved autopilot File size 152263

HS125 panel. File size 1903314
HS748 with GPS & custom gauges. File size 1271536
Modern Generic Business jet panel (Citation, Gulfstream, Lear etc) - high quality with highly efficient & realistic GPS gauge. File size 2031808
Cessna 172. 2 panels - one IFR & one old & scratched - take your choice!. File size 2017153
Wright Bros Flyer panel (or forward view). File size 115268
Shorts S23 & S30. File size 611760