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F16 F16 panel for Flt Sim 98 An F16 varient not accurately depicted. But more as a generic panel for modern Military Fighters of one and two engine types. Includes animated Radar, Map/Navdash window, custom Attitude, & some digital gauges. File Size 574404
Beechcraft 1900dBeech 1900 C/D Panel for FS98. Designed for 1024x768, this panel is a highly detailed and realistic simulation of the 1900's Captain's panel. Using 45 gauges, the panel includes all primary gauges, instruments, "updated avionics", and many "photoreal" elements. Also includes an authentic turboprop aircraft sound package. Panel by Bill Walch. File Size 1497085
Beech King Air FS98 Photorealistic King Air 200 Panel and Plane James H. Whittles Enclosed is a Beech King Air 200 (airplane model is not mine) and instrument panel. It was scanned in at 1024 x 786 and will work best at this resolution. The instruments are small and will work best on large monitors. While all gauges and instruments are placed as they were in the original photo, until I learn to edit gauges, they don't look as I would like them to. If you have a GPS is fits very nicely over the radar screen. File Size 292661
F14 Tomcat FS98 PANEL - F-14d Tomcat Fighter. A FS98 panel for the USN F-14d Tomcat Fighter. Based on F-14a & F-14d cockpit photos. Designed in 800x600 mode and tested on a Monster 3D II. Features include Working HUD, and MFD, custom engine and fuel gauges, and a mouse clickable panel switch to operate the MFD. By Chuck Dome & Paul SchwerdtfegerFile Size 661862
Generic 4 Engine Jet FS98 Generic 4 engines Jet Panel 4J-70.zip. Semi-Photorealistic generic panel for late 1960-late 1970, 4 engine jet heavies B747-200, Antonov 225, Antonov 124, Russian heavies, VC10, DC-8 etc.. Works with 3DFx/Monster3D.By Chris Alevritis.Era late 60's & 70's File Size 1624021
Cessna Citation FS98 Cessna Citation Panel David DurstFile Size 1004005

Boeing 767/757 767pgpnl.zip Panel v1 for FS98, by Paul Golding Re-work of a Eric Ernsts panel, now includes switchable HSI/ARC mode and removable yoke, more realistic engine gauge colours, fuel switches, landing gear wind noise, working autobrake, basic GPS and more.File size 836758

Douglas DC3 Photoreal panel FS98 Douglas DC-3 Photorealistic Panel This is the panel of a Douglas DC 3 Built in 1939 and still in use at Air BVI, Virgin Iland, Caribic By Thomas Ferber File size 903254

Lockeed F-117 Stealth Flighter Night Hawk 'Stealth Fighter' By Chris Evans File size 682111
Learjet PhotorealFS98 Lear Jet 45 Photoreal Panel V2.0 Includes Control Surfaces, Trim Indicator, and a new PFD gauge, with accurately colored displays. Also features a realistic autopilot, realisticly colored radio stack, switchable MFD, and all controls on main panel. By Ian Grant File size 717963