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Panels Page 27
Generic 2 engine Jet. Suits modern 757/767/777 or 737-700 or 800. High information panel. File size 2925702. R L Terraz
Rays Lear Panel V.2. File size 1330752. R Pennington, J Turner. Patch (40k)
Pilatus PC-12, Photorealistic. File size1853493. V Leightower
Saab 340B. File size 425189. E Ernst.
Lockheed Electra L188. High quality with start up sounds & fully IFR capable. File size 2711720. E M Zapp
4 engine prop, would suit many older 4 prop. Utilising FS98 default gauges keeps this file small size. File size 70k. S Wahba
Vickers VC 10. High quality panel for the classic 1960's jet liner. File size 2675750. D Haskell
USAF SST, advanced panel. File size 1187262. Update for this (93k). J Schumacher. Fix (33k)
Grumman Hellcat F6F with hook lower lever for carrier landings. File size 425071. Sierra Bravo Panelworks
Early 1960's Boeing 707-100 panel, before the instrument layout became standardized. Every light, switch, and knob works. Features mechanical digital readouts, sun glints on panel depending on aircraft heading and time of day, water injection system, and blinking warning lights. File size1339591 Chris Arrington, Richard Probst.