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Panels Page 29
Vickers Viscount, photorealistic layout. File size 1969373. D Haskell
FS98 Cessna 172 Photo-Realistic Panel. Includes a digital photo of a real Cessna 172 panel used as the background. Uses ACS_GPS98 by Alain Capt instead
of the original Loran C used in the real plane. Radio gauges by HGHB. Includes avionics master switch. B File size 1672663. y Steve Hayes
High-Performance Piston Twin panel v1.3. This panel is an extensive rework of Michael Tscherdantzew's Beech Queen Air panel into a easy to use IFR panel. It is meant for medium-to-heavyweight twins which cruise at 200 to
300 knots and have a retractable landing gear. R Porter. File size 1361115
IFR panel. Designed for IFR practice with full screen prop instruments. File size 965450. C Erne
dH Dash 8-300, high quality panel. File size 2280809. A Lawrence, S Geissler, H Wosch
Raytheon Beech Hawker premier panel. Requires acsgps (Gauges). File size 975080. A Kyriadidis
Cessna T-37A trainer. File size 2229328. D McGee
Rays Learjet - latest series glass Lear panel. File size 1006695. R Pennington, J Turner
Beech Staggerwing panel, optimised for IFR flight. File size 941794. R Porter
Volpar Beech 18, classic plane. File size 1960737. D McGee