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DC2 or DC3 FS98 DC-2 or DC-3 Panel circa 1938. A panel for purists featuring the Sperry Autopilot (included) by Arne Bartels. No VORs, no DME, nothing digital or modern. Does come with old fashioned gauges, ADF, and ashtray. Detailed help file for Sperry and text file with video explaining LOM approaches with ADF. For 640x480 and up. Tested in 2D mode only. By James Underwood from a Thomas Ferber original.File size 1756698
English Electric Lightning Photorealistic, high resolution CFS / FS98 panel for the English Electric / BAC Lightning T.5. The Lightning T.5 was the 2-seater trainer version of Britain's front-line supersonic fighter of the 1960s through to the mid - 1980s. By Phil Perrott File size 845217
Learjet 45 -FS98 Learjet 45 Panel. Advanced Freeware 1024x768 2D/3D Learjet 45 panel, with 3 CRT'S, switchable displays, and places for GPS98 and EFIS or NavDash. Try ALL knobs and buttons. Engines start from panel and the park lever works! By Rolf D. Buckmann. Vast improvement on original - a must! File size 773850

F14 Tomcat. 2 View File size 1514178
Vickers Vanguard File size 1814412
Hawker Tempest (or generic WW2 fighter) FOR CFS File size 210664

A319/320/321 Airbus with realistic sound pack (incl start-up!) & A320 Lufthansa Aircraft. Highly complex. File size 5703359(!)
BOAC Concorde. A fantastic early 70's photoreal panel with over 80 custom gauges. File size 3161800
Boeing 727 realistic high quality panel with sound pack . Paul Golding. File size 2105854
Piltas PC12 File size 807684