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Props Page 26
FS98 Pilatus PC12, Taxi Areo. High quality with moving parts, opening doors. File size 278944. M Ritzema

Patch (50k)

FS98 British Antarctic Survey DHC6-300 with moving parts. Fiel size 105632. J Borgstroem
FS98 Piper PA28 235C Cherokee from 1968 era. Includes moving parts. File size 109296. B Ellis

FS98 SAFAIR Lockheed L-100-30 with moving parts. File size 223540. J Crous, J Coper, D Giles

FS98 Canadian DH Sea Otter DHC6-100. File size 100586. B Blaisdell, J Borgstoem
FS98 RAAF Lockheed P-3C Orion with moving parts. File size 107515. H Follas, K Trinkle

FS98 Beech T-34C Mentor, US Forces trainer with panel. File size 1449711. C Lampard, D Haskell
FS98 Noble Air DHC6-300s Twin Otter with moving parts. File size 170664. B Blaisdell, J Borgstroem
FS98 Sikorsky S-43 Amphibian with moving parts. File size 109821. Wilbur of Pegasus Aviation Design
FS98 NAC Fokker F27-500 with moving parts. File size 72893. H Follas, B Horsey