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Props Page 28
FS98 British Airways Flying Club Piper PA28-161. File size 226869. J Murray, J Antonio Varela

FS98 Dornier DO27 with moving parts & panel. File size 969423. L Haines, J Borgstroem
FS98 United DC6B with moving parts. File size 179477. H Follas
FS98 Wildroe DHC6-300 Twin Otter with moving parts. File size 128920. B Blaisdell, J Borstroem

FS98 TWA Lockheed L1649 Starliner with panel, sound & moving gear. File size 2747706. D McQueen
FS98 British Airways Express ATP with moving gear. File size 95481. M Baclawski, T Bolton, M Harrison

FS98 Canadair CP-107 Argus Mk 2 CEPE RCAF. The Canadair Argus was a maritime patrol aircraft which served with the Royal
Canadian Air Force and the Canadian Armed Forces from 1958 to 1980. This aircraft serial 12742 was assigned to the Central
Experimental Proving Establisment (CEPE) for in service testing purposes. CEPE later became AETE in the Canadian Forces.
The aircraft has functioning nav lights, anti-collision lights (strobes), visible landing lights, moving flaps, propellors and
undercarriage. A panel and checklist are provided. File size507129. Keith Clifford of Pegasus Aviation Design.

FS98 DeHaviland DHC-2 Beaver. Developed to specs submitted by the Ontario Department of Lands and Forests to replace prewar bush aircraft like the Noorduyn Norseman. It first flew in august 1947. The aircraft depicted is a very high time bush airliner that has seen better times. it is equipped with tundra tires and can be switched to skis by hitting /. File size 707415. B Lyons

FS98 Beech 18a with panel. Began in 1937 and stretched a record 32 years in production. This early version is presented in United feeder line livery. It serviced small airfields and tranported passengers to the larger airports for long distance connections. File size 466944. B Lyons
FS98 Pitts Special S-2s. File size 135231. R Pullin, M Maliniemi