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FS98 Zenith Aircraft Company's "Zodiac" CH 601 HD and HDS Super Sport are home build/ kit-built all-metal, low-wing, bubble-canopied, 2-seaters that can be built in a 1-car garage for about $25,000. Package contains 2 aircraft with moving parts & panels. File size 462078. P Hartle
FS98 ERA Alaska Convair CV580, high quality with moving parts. File zise 216993. F Safranek, R Young
FS98 Northern Consolidated DHC-6-300 Twin Otter with moving parts. File size 182473. J Berstroem, B Blaisdell, R Young

FS98 Air Cam. The Air Cam was originally developed for the National Geographic Society, meeting requirements for a rugged, reliable aerial camera and reconnaissance bush plane. The production AIR CAM is now a fully engineered design incorporating many improvements.. File size 70003. Panel for this aircraft File size 115656. Capt Slug
FS98 Pelita Air Service Lockheed L-100 with full moving parts. File size 163904. OMC'99

FS98 Piper J3 Cub Pack. Includes textures for 3 versions of this popular plane. Basic panel, 1930's & restored versions. File size 991054. M Mendel, S Small

FS98 USAF Boeing KC-97L Tanker with moving parts. File size 204662. D McQueen

FS98 Canadian International Airlines Beechcraft 1900D. File size 108003. F DiCandia, S Boland

FS98 Olympic Aviation Cessna 152 with moving parts and panel. Olympic Aviation (subsidiary of Olympic Airways) uses this C152 for pilot training flights from Athens International irport. Package contains pictures of the original, the FS98 aircraft and custom C152 panel by Lee Hall. By Spyros Diamantis and Kyprianos Biris. File size 1118627

FS98 Beech 18S pack containing full moving parts aircraft, panel & sounds with well modified 'air' file enabling realistic handling characteristics. File size 2037872. S Hakim, M Tscherdantzew Jr, D Sakrison, airfile by S Small