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Props Page 39

FS98 Pitts Special with panel. File size 226356. J Stubbs


FS98 Piper JM73 Cub. An easy handling plane with panel. File size 556301. M Medel

FS98 Sabena dH Dash 8-311b with moving parts. File size 98296. B Blaisdell, H Bast, J Borgstroem.
FS98 Raytheon T6 Texan. This plane is the Swiss Pilatus PC-9 manufactured under licence by Raytheon in the USA. High quality with moving parts. File size 318733. Capt Slug

FS98 Noble Air DHC6 Sea Otter with moving parts. File size 55704. B Blaisdell

FS98 Pilatus PC12, Bearskin Air, with panel & sounds & great flight handling by Steve Small. M Ritzema, L Betti

FS98 Saab340B, a twin turboprop regional airliner in PrevAir livery. This is version 2 of our Saab340 with a completely redesigned flight model that handles well under both manual and autopilot control. Includes a pilots guide to flying the aircraft. Freeware by Marty Baclawski and Tony Bolton. Noble Air repaint by Chris Grall. File size 148140

FS98 Spantex DHC6 Twin Otter with moving parts. File size254122. B Blaisdell, B Copeland, E Valla, A Morales
FS98 'Simviation' Hi Performance Extra-300S A one place single engine hot rod, seen at airshows everywhere. This version depicts the FS98 original with 500HP painted in the SimViation paint scheme and will not overwrite the default Wagstaff Extra or any add-on Extra 300. By Jason L. Terry. File size 213557

FS98 Christen Eagle II. File size 105658. M Maliniemi, J Terry