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FS98 Beechcraft D-18E, including moving parts, clear cockpit, sunk-in radial engines, cockpit lighting and more. Panel by Michael Tscherdantzew Jr in 800 x 600 res. Model By: Shlomo 'Slo Mo' Hakim 11/99. File sze 1236937

FS98 Pitts Special S-2C. Features new wings, inside and out, sporting balanced ailerons that have no spades, but more importantly, "constant speed ailerons", meaning that the rate of roll in the S-2C is essentially as fast at 100 mph as it is at 200 mph. The rate of roll is 300+ degrees per second. Stick centering is world class, and hammering out precision point rolls at any speed is a piece of cake. All those things makes S-2C a unlimited class aerobatic airplane. Includes full moving parts and transparent canopy. By Mikko Maliniemi. File size 167722

FS98 Embraer EMB-121 "Xingu" twin turboprop corporate transport MOVING PARTS VERSION (FLAPS ; GEARS ; PROPELLERS) Produced in modest numbers, the sleek Xingu couples the Banderiante's wing and engines with an all new fuselage. The major customer for the Xingu was the French military for aircrew training and liaison duties for the airforce and navy. Production ceased in 1987 after only 105 had been built. File size 49944

FS98 Arkia Vickers Viscount 800 Arkia, is one of Israeli domestic airlines, operated Vickers Viscount 800 on domestic flights. One of a number of Viscounts operated in Israel. Painted in the latest livery for this model. Design and Moving Parts: Richard Osborne. Painted by: Gabe Eisner. File size 216791

FS98 Transport Canada DHC6-300S Twin Otter For FS98 with Moving Parts Design & Artwork: Barry Blaisdell Flight Dynamics: Jens Borgstroem, File size 89873

FS98 PA-28-181 Archer with moving parts. File size 144249. M Lieberecht
FS98 PA-28RT 201T Turbo Arrow with moving parts. File size 145830. M Lieberecht

FS98 Socata TB-20 with moving parts. File size 113259. D Mossmo



FS98 BEA (British European Airways - since renamed British Airways) Vickers Viscount. File size 59464. R Osborne

FS98 Beech Bonanza F-33A with moving parts. File size 92271. M Lieberecht