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FS98 Aerocondor Beech B58 Baron With moving parts and virtual cockpit. Original by Captain Slug, Repainted by Carlos Neto. 175K

FS98 Aero Ae-45S (OK-KGB) Aero Ae-45 is a Czechoslovak twin engine airplane, very often used as a taxi plane, which first flew in 1947. This one (OK-KGB) is version S (Super), which has some improvements in construction, higher range and revised interior and control panel. Include airplane with moving parts. by Jiri Masnik (CVA Design). 51K

FS98 Cessna 404 Titan(version 3 Animation):The next step up from the 402 model is the 404. With 2-375Hp Continentals a Tailplane with 12 degree dihederal and the ability to carry 30% more in ton/mile per gallon over the 402-C.:By Peter Kodis animation Hans Petter Roverud. 126K

FS98 TEC-7T with panel & sounds, Turbine modification of the DC-7C. Full moving parts wih retractable 727 style airstair ramp and full feathering props. Switchable Pilots and FO panels with cstom painted gauges. Complete Rebuild of Tom Gibson origainal AFX. Thanks to HGHB, Dragonflight, special thanks to Richard Probst of CARP for allowig me to repaint his 727 gauges for this plane. By Dana McGee. 3.8MB

LIAT DeHavilland Dash 8-311 For FS98 with Moving Parts by Aircraft Animator AF99 Design & Artwork: Barry Blaisdell Flight Dynamics: Jens Borgstroem, Duckling Air Virtual Airline and Aircraft Factory. 77K

FS98/FS2000 Cessna 337G Turbo Skymaster. The Frank Lloyd Wright Brothers Aircraft Co. is proud to present its latest series of new aircraft: 1980 Cessna 337G, in four models. This the second file contains Volume 2 of the four volume set and includes the second model: 1980 Cessna 337G Turbo Skymaster Complete with moving parts including gear doors. Volume 1 included the Pressurized version. Volume 3 will include the Cessna 337 Skymaster O-2 Military Version. And Volume 4, the final model will showcase the 1998 Riley Super Skyrocket variant. All Volumes designed in fs98 with AF99, but tested in fs2k as well. Unzip the file SkymasT3.zip first for documentation and screen shots. Have fun! Donn E. Bohde. 367K

Saab 340b Prima Air. Features Moving parts, Nav Lights, Strobes, Landing Lights, Night Lighting, Position Lts, Spoilers and Flaps. Model design by M.D. Baclawski Engine Nacelles/Wheels by Pascal Linder Flight Dinamics & Textures by Tony Bolton AF99 work by Jim Youngken Textures by Germán Erostarbe. 96K

FS98/FS2000 Island Air DHC-6-300 Version 3 N710PV- An accurate representation of the current livery of an Island Air (Aloha Island Air) Dash 6-300. Island Air is a sister airline in Hawaii, specializing in connecting the much smaller, remote airports in Hawaii with the larger ones, such as Honolulu Kahului, and Keahole-Kona. This aircraft is a part of the Hawaiian Wings Collection. Visual Model by Barry Blaisdell, Flight Model by Jens Borgstroem Island Air Paint by Bryan Shirota. 69K

FS98 Tumbleweeds Engineering TEC-7Cargo Turbine This is a complete rebuild of Tom Gibson's original DC-7C AFX By Dana McGee. Full moving parts with opening nose cone. New Panel with cstom painted gauges. Complete Rebuild of Tom Gibson original AFX. Thanks to HGHB, Dragonflight,CARP and the other gauges designers that do great products. Alain Capt's ACS-GPS required(here). 2.3MB

FS98 Lockheed HC-130H Hercules All New C130 design with full moving parts. US Coast Guard Aircraft Number 1706 was built in 1984 by Lockheed Martin and currently has approximately 13000 hours on the airframe. It has been primarily assigned to the US Coast Guard Air Station, Kodiak, Alaska. AF99/AA Design and Paint by Barry Blaisdell Flight Dynamics by Jens Borgstroem Technical Advisor: Dave Gillespie - USCG Premier Aircraft Design. 246K