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FS98 Chicago\O'Hare International Airport Scenery for FS98 only. Very dense and accurate scenery. Patch 1 for FS98 and VOD and Airport textures required. By Christopher Gilbert File size 360311

FS98 Scenery Spain Mountains coasts 31 airports & documents containing NDB's, VOR's & more. By Toni Agramont File size 2345575

FS98 San Francisco International Addon for FS98 This is the second version of a detailed scenery for San Francisco Int'l in California. It includes taxiway signs, realigned taxiways, nearby hotels and roads, the new international terminal, parking lots, hangars, and surrounding area. Goes very well with sfmetro.zip By Aaron Seymour File size 153219

FS98 Water texture. More realistic effect. Replaces default texture files in fs98 Copy the unziped "water.r8" and "reef.r8" files to your texture folder. This change is an enormous upgrade to the FS98 standard scenery base. By Dr.Michitaka SUZUKI. . File size 130700

FS98 San Francisco Metropolitan Area for FS98, Version 4.0 This scenery greatly enhances the San Francisco-Oakland-San Jose metro area File size 1121382. By Aaron Seymour

FS98 Van Nuys Airport, California Scenery for FS98 . Dan Buckheit File size 247854

FS98 Los Angeles. Greater Los Angeles Metro Area for FS98, Version 4.0 This is a combination of several projects to enhance the default Los Angeles metropolitan area in FS98. Twenty airports have been done in detail: LAX, PSP, BUR, ONT, SNA, VNY, EMT, TOA, FUL, CPM, HHR, SMO, SBA, WHP, POC, CCB, AJO, RAL, SBD, and LGB. This scenery adds over 500 roads to the area, greatly enhancing the look at night. Mountain additions and city enhancements have been included from previous versions. This version adds six airports, as well as taxiway signs at SNA, BUR, ONT, and BUR. LAX and ONT have both been reworked for more realism. By Aaron Seymour File size 917518

FS98 Arizona for FS98 - trial version. ,ARIZ98T3.ZIP is the revised trial version of ARIZ98R.ZIP -- The full version of this scenery features FS98 scenery for the entire state of Arizona. It includes all 76 public use airports, all default navigation aids, 3D textured mountain scenery designed with USGS maps, night lighting of cities, static aircraft, roads, rivers, lakes, railroads, support for FS98's new Aircraft and Facilities Directory, and more. including Grand Canyon File size 1238113. Ron Blevins

FS98 Aspen Colorado-Aspen, Colorado scenery for FS98 (Update). Updates and replaces Aspen98.zip. Previous version had 4,000+ downloads. Includes airports of Aspen-Pitkin, Eagle County Regional, Lake County-Leadvile, Garfield Municipal, Glenwood Springs Municipal and private airstrips. Features new winter textures, winter mountain and other night effects, seasonal changes, and reworked Colorado mountains. By William Behnke Don't forget the skis File size 786063

FS98 South Florida for FS98 Vol. 1 of So. Florida Smaller Paved Airports from Hi-Image Airports Scenery. Highly accu- rate addon versions for Microsoft's FS98 of 7 South Florida airports: Pompano Beach Air- park, Boca Raton Airfield, Palm Bch Cty Park, N. Palm Beach Cty Gen Aviation, Palm Bch Cty Glades, Belle Glade Muni, Airglades. Requires VOD2.7 & Airport 2.02 textures. VERY dense scenery - a P200 MMX or higher recommended. Designed by Larry Kinsley. File size 1273296