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Scenery Page 13

FS98 Bellagio Hotel, Las Vegas. File size 77209

FS98 Caldwell, Idaho area. File size 58919

FS98 Innsbruck Dynamic scenery with surrounding scenery incl Martinswadd Rock. File size 544505

FS98 Saarbruecken, Germany. File size 524719

FS98 Palm Beach, Florida with static aircraft. Requires VOD Textures . Rob Diebold

FS98 RAF Waddington, UK. File size 566682. I McCartney

FS98 North Florida, high quality dense scenery requires VOD textures & Airport 2 Textures in Utilities. File size 2397875. L Kinsley

FS98 Aleutian Islands - fictitious island using the latest in texture creation giving realistic mountains, beaches cliffs etc. File size 1502525. R Waszkiewicz

Patch for this file (32k)

FS98 Greater Toronto. Buildings, roads etc. File size 2823109. S Borys

Upgrade (266944)

FS98 Aukland, New Zealand, with static aircraft at main airport. File size 1353014. Chris Dunne