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Scenery Page 18

FS98 RAF Waddington, UK, updated file. File size524184. I McCartney

FS98 Olympia, Washington with trees, buildings, etc. File size 332739. R Diebold

FS98 Replacement Grass Textures. Seasonal grass textures replace the defaults to give a more realistic effect. File size 128342. M Suzuki


FS98 Utah State 99. 99 version 2. File size 4421746
FS98 Paraguay. Whole country including Asuncion, Ciudad del Este. File size 1355825. J P Rios

FS98 Oklahoma State. Complete state with cities, roads, rivers etc. File size3040271. B Myers

FS98 Catalina Island, California, dynamic. Adds 2 MD500's & 3 C192's flying around. File size 107745. G Campbell

FS98 Mississippi 99. Full state with cites, airports etc. K Dacey, R Smith

Part 1 (4625267)

Update 1 (1629130)

Update 2 (164491)

FS98 Monument Valley, Az with landable tops. File size 106040. D Geis

FS98 Palma de Mallorca with buildings & static aircraft. File size 741183. B Kulish, A Agramont

FS98 Prague, Praha , Czechoslovakia. File size 520885. T Jordaan
FS98 Arkansas State with 40 airports, highways, rivers etc. File size 2089796. D George