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Scenery Page 20

FS98 Nantes, France. High detail scenery in 2 parts. J Debit

Part 1 (1625421)

Part 2 (245658)

FS98 Oil Rigs around Australian coast. 3 off western coast & 2 in Bass Strait. Designed for helicopter flights. Some include navigational beacons & all are landable. File size 104019. Todd Gorman, I Rawlings


FS98 Nord Italia 99 (North Italy) The scenery covers the regions Piemonte, Liguria, Lombardia, Veneto, Friuli, Emilia Romagna, Trentino and Alto Adige/Sud Tirol (North Italy) and Canton Ticino (Switzerland). Includes 79 airports, all the radio navigation aids, complete orographic structures, seasonal change, static and dynamic scenery, soaring thermals.
By Francesco Mandelli.

5 Part download

Part 5 (924k)

Part 4 (1291k)

Part 3 (1348k)

Part 2 (1714k)

Part 1 (1719k)


FS98 Las Vegas Enhancement. Adds several new casinos to the famous strip. File size 850240. C Vincent


FS98 Replacement Golf course textures. Adds a more realistic appearance to golf courses. File size 262277. T McDanold

FS98 Austin, Bergstrom, Texas. Much awaited file. Requires Airport 2 textures & VOD textures (from Utilities) File size 618525. E NIchols

FS98 Athens Intern'l, Greece. Highly detailed. File size 2926434. F Dussurget

FS98 Holloman AFB, New mexico. Adds dynamic. File size 231429.

FS98 Athens City, Greece. High detail city incl airport. File size 3516153. F Dussurget

FS98 Meigs enhancement; Adds trees & parked cars to the default Meigs field. File size 101848. D Keith

FS98 Paris Orly. France's 2nd largest airport. File size 338902. P Revol