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Scenery Page 23

FS98 Tribhuvan, Nepal. File size 257622. The Scenery Works

FS98 Stockholm Arlanda with static aircraft. File size 553812. D Sjoberg

FS98 Miami Interntl dynamic for use with miafs98.zip. File size 1223491. B Koppel

FS98 Antarctic Base, Showa Station. The observation base (three places) of Japan in the south pole.The place where a Japanese national flag stands is an official position.Details about the institutions is imaginary, but the places are real. Also the navaids institutions is imaginary. You can change seasons, time, or weather and enjoy the view of snow, an aurora, and nights with a midnight sun.. File size 240360.Y Hayashi

FS98 Grizzly Lake. Great light aircraft scenery in Alaska with 5 landing lakes. File size 626458. K Nelson

FS98 Antacarctica. File size 439210. T Kessel

FS98 Two airports in Northern Greenland inside the Arctic Circle. Contains buildings, static aircraft, VORs, an NDB, and two adventure files for a 30-minute flight to and from the airports. VOD and Airport textures required. File size 489626. D Buckheit

FS98 North Carolina 99. Scenery for the entire state of NC. Very dense scenery that meshs with adjacent states scenery. Airports feature major terminals with gates and static and dynamic aircraft. All beaches are textured and natural
valleys are included along the roads in the western part of the state. Photos were used to help accurately recreate city skylines.
By Ken Dacey. File size 6220092 (6.2mb)

FS98 Principe Island Africa. Republic of Sao Tome e Principe. Features the island, airport, custom colors and objects. Made using Terrabuilder. Vod2.7 and Airport textures required. By Jorge Pagano. File size 2248331

FS98 Memphis Intern'l, Tn, Dynamic scenery. File size 385480. A Juralev

FS98 Okinawa Islands, SW Japan. High quality textures of these beautiful islands. File size 3591490. K Kawamura