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Scenery Page 27

FS98 Northern Ireland with many landmarks & mail airports. File size 827606. T Shields

FS98 The Bahamas with every airport, trees, buildings & more. File size 1311513. J Valley

Patch 1(11k)

Patch 2 (16k)

FS98 Luke AFB with dynamic & static military aircraft. File size 1155840. G Jones

British Navaids. Will place a complete set of NavAids throughout the UK. File size 84073. J Miller

FS98 Baltimore- Washington with gates & static aircraft. File size 1236120. T Moore

FS98 Cobb County, Georgia. File size 441980. J Shushinski
FS98 Cairns Airport, Australia with surrounding area including beaches, city, buildings & harbour. File size 1236170. C Pilet

FS98 Travis AFB, California. File size 513006. P Cline, K Hinkel

FS98 Greek Scenery v2.71. After about 2 years and more than 40 versions, this Greek scenery contains all the islands, islets and even rocks in the Aegean and Ionian seas (2080 of them), an accurate coastline of Greece and Turkey, all airports and major mainland features, accurate enough for VFR navigation. Some of this version updates include custom designed buildings and runway skidmarks. By Ted Katranas. File size 1756371

FS98 Isle of Wight, off the southern UK coast. File size 717432. R Taburet. Patch 74k

FS98 McChord AFB in Tacoma, Washington (WA) v2.7. McChord Air Force Base/62 M.A.C. (TCM) is located just south of Tacoma Washington, and nestled right in-between Tacoma's neighboring Lakewood, Parkland, and Spanaway. TCM has two runways, 16/34 and 16B/34B, however 16B/34B is rerely used. By Ed Cox. File size 253167