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Scenery Page 30

FS98 Yeu Island, France. File size 274591. A Leduc

FS98 Belle Ile Island v1.0 for France 98. Belle Ile is a small French islanded located southwest from Lorient airport in the Britanny region. This scenery features a lightouse, numerous ships and sailboats, ferry boats. By Alain Leduc
FS98 Galapogos Islands with Seymour AB & main Intern'l airport. File size 131281. E Napoles

FS98 Oklahoma City OK v1.0. Features Oklahoma City with downtown buildings, parks, rivers, lakes, golf courses, major streets and highways as well as impressive night lighting. Seven civilian area airports are depicted: Will Rogers World Airport (OKC), Wiley Post Airport (PWA), Clarence Page Municipal Airport (F29), Max Westheimer Field (OUN), Sundance Airpark (HSD), Downtown Airpark (2DT), and Expressway Junction Airpark (2EJ). Tinker AFB (TIK) has also been depicted. Hills have been added around each of the eight airports. Requires VOD and Airport textures. By J.P. Santiago. File size 1623688

FS98 East Timor Air War 2000. A tribute to the INTERFET forces. A scenery add-on that includes all the terrain, airfields, navaids, towns in Timor includes aircraft carrier (hard deck), ships, fires burning in Dili, evacuation of Oekussi enclave, static aircraft including UN C-130, C5, Uh1D, Blackhawk, OV-10, Puma, Skyhawk, Hawk, F-16. Scenery is for TACOPs, UNAMET missions. By S. Reweti. File size 1481100

FS98 Quito,Ecuador, this scenery includes local area of Mariscal Sucre Int , with dynamic scenery (jets, trucks,and props). Includes too Parque la Carolina with lagoons, pedestrian bridges, and buildings of Centro de Expociciones Quito, Atahualpa Stadium, Liga Stadium, Rumiñahui Coliseum,and more; is much better than Quito original scenery, but works with original Sudamerica Scenery of Flight Simulator 98. This mail include the BGL files, the readme file(leame.txt), the information file, texture files and the photo of my scenery. This scenery was created with VOD, DOD by Rafael García Sanchez and Airport 2.10 by Pazcal Meziat, Brian Mcwilliams and Tom Hiscox. This scenery need Vod textures 3.0. File size 101820

FS98 "NORTHERN CALIFORNIA FANTASY" The area North of Sacramento, California for approximatly 100 square miles. This Scenery is not intended to be authentic but what could possibly be someday... By Larry Axtell. File size 811138

FS98 Chicago Dynamic. Adds airline jets & planes to Meigs & O'Hare, replacing the less than great existing default dynamic aircraft. File size 851903. C Jephcott

COMBATCANYON FS98/CFS SCENERY A fictional scenery with towering canyon walls. Great for dogfights and close combat. Scenery includes 2 airports and moving objects. Also has a seaplane harbor to taxi to. Includes scenery and textures. By (c)Paul Harmon. File size 1656345

FS98 Denmark Airports. Sparse landscape but all airports with Navaids. File size 634497. J Laage