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Scenery Page 34
Channel Islands Scenery V2 For FS98 & FS2000. Full terrain mesh scenery for all the islands. Includes very highly detailed airports for Jersey, Guernsey and Alderney. This version 2 now works with FS2000 and has be released as Shareware. By Gary Summons File size 2498161
FS98 scenery-- Viracopos/Campinas International Airport 99. This is the most important brazilian's freighter airport. In this scenery you will find a visible localizer, marker, VOR and NDB, static aircraft, short still lines, special night effects at the ramp and so many details, everythink to make this airport as the real!!! Scenery by Fernando Marcato. File size 400K

Beirut99 Update 2.0 for FS98 This is update 2.0 for Beirut99 scenery by Lebor. It brings major improvments to the airport OLBA and opens the ruwnays 21L/03R with ILS on each.. File size 368969

SALZBURG AIRPORT DYNAMIC SCENERY FOR FS98 dynamic scenery for the default Salzburg airport in flight sim by Danny Hill

STUTTGART AIRPORT DYNAMIC SCENERY FOR FS98 dynamic scenery for the Real ATC scenery of Stuttgart Airport airport by Danny Hill

Boston Logan Scenery V1. For FS98. Extremely dense scenery of Boston Logan International. Includes most airport buildings in high to semi-photorealistic quality, taxiway lines, some interesting easter eggs, and so on. By Corey Leigh 710K
Chattanooga, TN Scenery for FS 98 This will overlay the current airport with the terminal building, hangars etc.266K. By Chuck Holden


Karachi City for fs98 A modifiction of Nathan Bronder's Quaid-e-Azam International aiport.Apart from this,the surrounding areas have also been added which includes a few landmarks.bug fixes & dynamic scenery soon to follow. Requires upto date Airport & vod textures. by Ali Mujtaba. 725K


Fs98-Mojave California (MHV)-Located NW of Edwards AFB This Airport is the home of civilian experimental and aircraft storage.This BGL is an Overlay of the default airport and provides a Bone yard, town of Mojave and the Tehachapi Pass wind turbines. By Peter Kodis. 249k

Mid Manhattan Scenery for FS-98 & FS-2000 Adds 200 buildings to the empty space between uptown and downtown New York. By Andy Johnston. 38k