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Scenery Page 36
Fly the TAT Route in a vintage Ford TriMotor. Travel in style from Port Columbus, Ohio to Glendale, California. Del Hopkins and Bill Lyons have teamed up to produce this great add-on for FS98 and Golden Wings. 1.5MB


FS98 SCENERY Hypothetical London Luton Airport, U.K. Ver. 1.0 This scenery replaces the default London Luton. The real airport has a single runway and is mainly used by low cost airlines and for holiday flights to the mediterranean. I thought that it could do with a bit of an expansion plan! It's quite resource hungry so it is more suited to a higher spec machine. Includes dynamic scenery & gates. By Cal Lewin. 959K
FS98 New version of photoreal water texture -- This file replaces the water texture(water.r8) in FS98. By Dwayne Redding. 25K
FS98/FS2000 St. George Hospital Chicago (fictional) with helipad. This is a fictional hospital near Meigs field. This version only includes the hospital without anything surroundingBy Capt. Schorsch. 125K


TINIAN and SAIPAN for FS98 & CFS......ONLY the way it was in 1945. It was built as a tribute to Nathan Hicks, "Nate", and all of the men of Tinian and Saipan. Nathan was the Navigator/Radar Operator on the B29 "genie". Genie was at Tinian in 1945 and part of the Japanese Air Offensive. Contains static & dynamic WW2 aircraft. 2.8MB

FS-98 scenery. Montego Bay in Jamaica. Includes Sangster Int'l and a recreation of the popular Bay. the scenery includes many custom objects and color palette.The main bitmap simulates a satellite picture. Made with Terrabuilder.By Jorge Pagano. 3MB



COLORADO SPRINGS, COLORADO- Scenery for FS98. This dense enhancement of the default FS98 scenery features the metro area with downtown buildings, parks, rivers, lakes, golf courses, major streets, radio towers, and highways as well as impressive night lighting. In this first release, three civilian area airports are depicted: City of Colorado Springs Airport (COS), Meadow Lake Airport (00V), and Colorado Springs East Airport (A50). Two military airports are also depicted: Butts AAF (FCS) and the USAF Academy Airfield (AFF). The last four are new to the default FS98 world. The local topography has also been depicted. Requires VOD3.0 textures, Airport textures, and ASD2.0 textures.(Included). 1.2MB


Fictional International Airport for Burlington, Iowa. The name of the airport is New Burlington International. The scenery includes jetways, Parking Lots (with cars), fully functional ILS system on 3 runways, static aircraft, and much more!Requires VODTEX27.zip. By Dave Falcone. 86K
FS98 Scenery - Simon Bolivar Int'l Dynamic Scenery Dynamic scenery to Simon Bolivar International Airport in Venezuela. By Danny Hill. 470K



FS98 Scenery-Phoenix-Sky Harbor Int'l Airport; Phoenix, AZ. PHX V2.0. A major improvement over V1.0. Many new additions, and realistic textures, and taxiway locations. PHX is home to America West Airlines, and also serves as a major 'Hub' for Southwest Airlines. By Tony Moore. 3.2MB