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FS98 SCENERY FS98 Malpensa 2000 Intl.Airport, Milan, Italy, VER. 3.0 Updates and replaces the homonym Ver. 2.0 with revised taxilines and new night effects. All parking stands IDs and taxi routes are now corrected and perfectly corresponding with the real one. The whole Terminal 2 apron (North apron) has been redrawn. As in the reality, 15 new parking stands were added at Terminal 1 apron (West apron). Fully working Docking Guidance System and marshalers included. By Raffaele Fiore. 904K


FS98 SCENERY Additional versions for FS98 Malpensa 2000 Intl.Airport, Milan, Italy, VER. 3.0 Replacement BGL files to make mxpV3 Milan Malpensa 2000 airport scenery also compatible with FS98 default scenery and with North West Italy 99 scenery by F.Mandelli. Needs mxpV3.zip By Raffaele Fiore. 165K


South Minas Gerais - Brazil - Lambari Scenery for MS Flight Simulator 98 Created by Emmanuel Mauricio L. Santos Sao Paulo - Brazil using Airport V. 2.0 With Photo realistic texture of the city. 36K



BEOGRAD- Yugoslavia- *** For FS98 and CFS The airport -BEOGRAD- Yugoslavia- is not a precise copy Airport. Contains members of city, bridges, houses, stadium, river Donau. Author:Vlad A. Zhygulskiy. 142K
Pskov-Russia *** For FS98 and CFS Pskov - aerodrome "Kresty" Legendary aerodrome "Kresty" in Pskov, Russia In city Pskov is one of the best aerodromes The Russian civil-military transport aerodrome.Author:Vlad A. Zhygulskiy, Ukraine. 543K
Birmingham Airport UK for FS98. Dense scenery gives surrounding views of Elmdon trading estate and the National Exhibition Centre, Static aircraft and Taxi way markings. By John Walker. 610K
FS98 Scenery North Pole Test Your Navigation Skills at the North Pole. Cross over the Line and watch your Instutment Flip 180 deg. This Scenery has Three Airports, One is located just south of the North Pole. It also adds 43 Vor stations to the pole area, Iceland, and Greenland Areas. It takes a true navigator to Fly Insturments so close to the North Pole. By Keith Olmstead. 88K

FS98/FS2000 CV-42 Fictional Fleet. A Fictional Fleet Near New York. Including 1 Carrier, 4 Submarines, and 10 Naval Ships. By VF31_Blackbird. 107K

Deurne airport in Antwerp, Belgium. A medium airport in the north of Belgium. It is used for sports flying and small business aircraft. Deurne is situated close to Antwerp. One ILS was made at runway 29. Based on real maps Designed by: Lenoir Aaron. 449K



FS98 Scenery Champaign Urbana,IL Ver2.0 Scenery of Champaign Urbana,IL. Includes Airport, town area and dynamic scenery which displays 30 aircraft. By Klaus Hinkel. 886K
FS98 Minsk1 airport Belarus Scenery (UMMM). It includes photorealistic tower, terminals, factory... By Serg Osiepoff. 594K
FS98/FS2000 Fictional Fleet, Iraq. This is a Fictional Fleet in the Persian Gulf, near Iraq. Including 1 Carrier, 4 Submarines,and 6 Naval Ships. Including A Menu Entry Option, ATIS Freq, a VOR, and a NDB. By VF31_Blackbird. 105K