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Scenery Page 41
FS98 Baghdad, Iraq v1.0 Scenery. Scenery for the city of Baghdad. Includes three airports. Flack bursts appear over the city when date of the simulation is set to 1991. By Dan Geis. 84K

Polish Aeroclub airfields. Szymanow Aeroclub Wroclaw airfield R-wy10, N51 17'15.3965" E16 55'19.1027", 1000x50 m grass. Miroslawice Aeroclub Dolnoslaski airfield N50 49'10" E16 36'20" R-wy10, 1000x50 m grass, R-wy01, 800x30 m grass. 475K

FS98 scenery - Sao Paulo - Brazil version 2.32 Sao Paulo State - 230 airports in 159 diferents cities, 136 NDB, 12 VOR, 24 ATIS, 7 ILS, hydrography, cities, mountains and roads. By Rubens Grazzini Jr. 2.8MB
FS98/ FS2000 Water Pro 2002 Replacement texture for Ocean and reefs. Gives a more realistic effect! ! This texture is patterned to look more realistic.No more block textures! This new version of flight Water Pro is for fs98 fs2000 and fs2002. By: Daniel Ponce. 1.6MB
FS98 NEW TURKEY SCENERY This scenery working with FS98 , before programs have some errors . this program Fs98 Compatible. Example:You can fly Munich to Erzurum or Antalya And Whatever cities in Turkey. This Scenery Isn't required much free memory. Because it's not very detailed In this scenery Some New airports: Sabiha Gokcen, Bodrum-Milas, Carsamba (Samsun) airport. 343K
RAF Refuelling VC-10 K 3 (for FS98) You are presented with Dynamic Scenery depicting a choice of mid - air refuelling tankers, depending upon your heading, over the North Sea off the East coast of Great Britain in an area used by RAF and other NATO aircraft, at 20000 feet, 250 airspeed, and headings of 65 and 244 degrees. Each A/C follows a straight vector for 35-40 Nm, then commits a 90degree turn to starboard for approx 10 Nm before disappearing and then restarting the cycle. You have approx. 9 minutes on the long leg. There is another tanker about 4 1/2 minutes apart. Garvin (Barney) Barnicoat. 31K

FS98 Przemyslaw Tabisz, Wroclaw, Poland. Is this version No 2 of scenery. Contains airfield Wroclaw Strachowice and schematic city. Additionally two airfields aeroclub. Przemyslaw Tabisz. 590K
FS98/CFS Scenery - ID4 City Destroyer You could have seen this extra-terrestrial ship in the sci-fi movie "Independence day". Its diameter is impressive 16 miles ( 25km ). Destroyers in this scenery are above 3 areas: New York, London and Prague. Special features: there are two airports on each ship. You can perform take-off or landing on Destroyer's tower roof or in its "beehive" By Milan Lisner and Vlada Stoje (CVA Design). 532K
FS98 scenery BELARUS UMMM (Minsk-1) version beta02 fix GBS & USSR_G compatible. Serg Osiepoff. 444K
CFS/FS98 Scenery add-on called "Presidente" Bored and tired of Ark Royal landings eh? Try Runway 28 ! It is 2460' ASL high atop a plateau and your landing better be perfect! Runway includes distance markers for short landing competition. By Paul Harmon, aka H_PAUL. 5.3MB