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Scenery Page 43
RAF STATION OAKINGTON (UK)For FS98 Raf oakington was the original base for the Short Stirling bomber during ww2. After the war it became an aircrew training establishment using Meteors and Vampires. In later years, Oakington was the home to M.E.T.S, the multiple engine training school, using firstly Vickers Varsity's, and later, BAe Jetstream T1's. Designed, and produced, with a little bit of artistic license, by Steve Anderson. 480K
Version 4 (Final Version) of the critically acclaimed FS98 Melbourne Australia scenery (Freeware) with all registered Victorian airfields/navaids included. Over 150 of the main buildings and structures, plus loads of unique dynamics (trams/trains/balloons, etc). 3D enhanced ground textures are another feature. Author: Colin Lock. 3.3MB
FS 98 & FS 2000 Nine airports in Madagascar built by Airport v2.6 .Real plan nav info ASECNA. Navaids including for FS 2000. Total Version with Vodtext 27 & Txtur 202 if U don't have. Author Ramisarijaona Tsilavo J. 1.4MB

FS98 Scenery--Daytona International Speedway a great scenery designed for multiplayer nascar races. Includes custom 3D objects and photo realistic textures. By Daniel Fourquet. 65K

FS98 Fs2000 Scenery of Sukkur Airport by Syed Faheem Ahmed Naseh This scenery features the Sukkur airport located in Sindh Pakistan. 234K
FS98 Scenery RAF Holme-on-Spalding-Moor. WW2 RAF Bomber\Training base in the county of Yorkshire, UK. After the war it became a test flight centre for Blackburn Aviation, later to become part of British Aerospace. The airfield closed on December 15th 1983. Scenery by Steve Anderson. From research by Mike Dews. 146K
FS98 SCENERY. RAF FINNINGLEY. UK. [CIRCA. 1979] RAF Finningley, South Yorkshire, UK. This airfield was planned during the expansion period of the RAF, in the mid 1930's. The first aircraft to fly from there were Handley Page Heyfords. During WW2, the station operated many types, from Lysanders to Lancasters. After the war, the early jets flew from here untill the main runway was extended in 1957 to accomodate the Avro Vulcan. In 1970, 6 flying training school re-formed here flying the jet provost, Hs125/Domminie, and later the Jetstream. The station closed in 1995. By Steve Anderson. 484K
FS98 Scenery - Lower Manhattan Optional Patch. This BGL file removes the twin towers of the World Trade Center from the default FS98 New York City scenery. By Chuck Dome. 326K
FS98/FS2000 Portugal Dynamic Scenery Extra Addon PORDYN16 By Ultraohm FREEWARE Pack use as you wish. Portugal Dynamic Extra Addon Scenery FOR USE WITH FS98 OR FS2000 and Portug98.zip Scenery 16 Portuguese dynamic Aircraft used. This is Version 16 (11/08/2001) of Portugal Dynamics Scenery and Im Sure that you will enjoy, so you dont fly anymore alone when you reach Portugal. 1.1MB
FS98 German Airforce Wittmund Jagdgeschwader 71 "Richthofen" This is the Wittmundhafen home base of the Red Barons Club. Some years before the Comodore was 'Bubi' Erich Hartmann he had shut down 356 !!! Planes at the JG52 "R" in Russia.By jubakka. 1.9MB