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Vintage Page 10
FS98 Boeing Model 299, fore-runner of the B-17. File size 190619
FS98 Aichi D3A-1 Val. Carrier based Japanese Japanese dive bomber used in the Pearl Harbour attack. Includes panbel. File size 799248

FS98 P 51 Mustang with panel & sound. From the 'Flying Legends Collection' based at the Duxford Air Museum, UK. File size 2881459. Here or here

FS98 LFG/Roland C-11 Whalefish with panel. File size 270479
FS98 Vickers Type 152 Jockey with panel. File size 393180

FS98 Armstrong Whitworth Siskin IIIA. With panel, file size 560783. Here or here
FS98 Hawker Sea Fury FB Mk 2. Good quality model & good to fly. For FS5 so use converter to install. File size 97447
FS98 Saab B18 B. File size 61388
FS98 Hawker Typhoon, RCAF. FS5 so use converter to nstall. File size 112377
FS98 Fairey Seafox. File size 127595