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Vintage Page 15

FS98 Messerschmitte Me 262 with panel & moving parts. Finished in the colors of Walter Nowotny's aircraft. File size 835739. Doc Blake of Pegasus Aviation Design
FS98 Bristol Bulldog Mk IIA with moving parts + panel. The Douglas Bader plane. File size 622873. W Sullivan, M Vader, F Elton, Pegasus Aviation Design

FS98 Curtiss Robin, a solid and reliable aircraft of the 1920s and 30s.This one is modeled after Douglas "Wrong Way" Corrigan's 9 year old Robin. On July 17 1938, after being denied a transatlantic attempt permit he departed Floyd Bennet Field at dawn to fly back to California from which he had already flown nonstop. Claiming that his compass failed he wound up landing on the Irish coast!. File size 244185. B Lyons

FS98 The Fairchild24 was a sort of gentlemen's touring plane of the 30's. Spacious and fast it was just the aircraft for cross country exploring. It was produced in a wide variety of both radial and inline engine versions. The model depicted here has the Ranger 6 cylinder inline engine which resulted in it's sleek appearance. File size 550447. B Lyons
FS98 Armstrong Whitworth Siskin. RAF. With moving parts & panel. File size 559476. F Elton, W Sullivan, M Vader, Pegasus Aviation Design
FS98 Hughes HK-1 Hercules, 'Sproose Goose', Howard Hughes' aircraft. The largest aircraft in the world in it's day, though it never got more than a few feet off the ground. With sound files. File size 1559716. S Lopez, B Drefahl, D Simanaitis, H Flooas, B Horsey. Panel here
FS98 Vintage Maine Scenery with Fairchild 24 aircraft. From the folks at The Old Hangar and Golden Wings comes a complete 1930's scenery/aircraft combination package. Contains 11 complete detailed period airports and 4 floatplane terminals. Also provides two moving parts Fairchild 24's, one on floats, to explore these ME airports in the grand touring style of the golden age of aviation. File size 974074. B Lyons

FS98 Avro 621, RAF Peril trainer with panel. File size 362517. Pegasus Aviation Design
FS98 Ryan STA. The STA was the civilian version of the PT-16 military trainer, although not intended as a trainer but rather a sportsaircraft in the civilian version. The differences were mainly a more powerful engine and undercarriage that was fairly unforgiving of rough
landings in the STA. The aircraft has transparent prop, both panels and is in the colors of the last STA flying today. File size 346946. Wilbur/Moriarty/Wells/Vader of Pegasus Aviation Design
FS98 Taylorcraft Story. 5 planes by CG Taylor. File size 566474. J Arzdorf