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Vintage Page 19
FS98 Scenic Air 1999 look Ford Trimotor N414H. File size 773220. R Von Ahrens, J Stubbs

FS98 USAF Boeing C-97G Stratofreighter with reversing props, engines. Complete with sound and panel (doesn't conform to actual C-97G panel). Features swirling props, moving gear, flaps. Original by Dave McQueen. Flight model, sound, reverse props, panel by R.E. Turner. File size 1693383

FS98 The British Rigid Airship R 34 was the first craft to make a double crossing of the Atlantic Ocean. The Craft was put on trial in 1919. The zeppelin had a crew of 30 men. It's overall length was 196 meters,(643 feet), and 24 meters,(79 feet), in height. It Was powered by 5 Maori Sun beam engines. Two of the engines powered the rear car propeller. It travelled about 88 knots or 55 MPH.The r 34 was destroyed in a storm during January of 1921. The aircraft was designed by Frank J. Petriccione. The Interior panel was designed by Casey Priscilla and the authentic zeppelin sounds were created by Lennart Olsson. The aircraft was animated with Aircraft Animation by Aacus. The model was designed with AF99. This model can also be used in Combat Flight Simulator. File size 1019243
FS98 CAP (Peru) Douglas Northrop 8A-3P with moving parts. File size 60114. S Kaiser
FS98 Boeing P-26-A Peashooter. The first mass-produced monoplane fighter built by a U.S. manufacturer, as well as the last open cockpit, externally braced, fixed gear pursuit aircraft to serve in the USAAC. Affectionately nicknamed "Peashooter", the P26 recalls an era of aviation long past. This aircraft was assigned to the 19th Pursuit Squadron, Wheeler Field, HI in March, 1939. Includes moving parts, panel and sounds. By Doc Blake, Pegasus Aviation Design. File size 4554804 (4.5MB)

FS98 YaK-1b 1941, soviet texture. Original by Bruno Duffort. Texture For FS98 Marcelo Cánovas Moving Parts Marcelo Canovas

FS98 package for the Grumman F7-F Tigercat. U.S Navy's first twin-engined carrier borne fighter with moving parts and panel. Aircraft by Chris Lampard, Panel by Dave Haskell, Moving parts by Lee Hall. File size 2027102

FS98 Avro Shackleton MR 3 35 Sqn SAAF An aircraft for FS98 by Keith Clifford/Pegasus Aviation Design The Shackleton was a mainstay of RAF Coastal Command and the South African Air Force as a world class maritime reconnaisance aircraft. This MR 3 served with 35 Sqn SAAF at Cape Town. It still flies today as part of the SAAF Museum. It is one of two Shackeltons still flying. Features include checklists and animated flaps, propellers and landing gear. File size 500139

FS98 The Wright Flyer with sounds. It was on the sands of Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, on December 17, 1903, that the Wright Brothers first demonstrated powered flight. This AF99/FS98 version of the Wright Flyer (completely different from my earlier effort) has animated props, elevators, rudders and wing warps. An appropriate sound file is included. Dennis Simanaitis. File size 327266
FS 98/FS2000 United States Marines DC-3 A DC-3 in post World War 2 USMC livery. The Dc-3 was instumental in helping the Allies to victory in World War 2. This aircraft has moving parts, including gear, flaps, and props. Created using AF99. Original design by John Kelley. Re-paint and moving parts by Charlie Solomon (a.k.a Pongfu) Works best using FS 2000. File size 75976