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FS98 Gilmore Red Lion air racer The Gilmore Red Lion was a Wedell Williams racer that came in third at the Cleveland Thompson trophy race of 1932 piloted by the flamboyant Roscoe Turner. This model has full moving parts and is easy to fly but retains some of the habits of the real racer. By Paul Grubich. 95K

FS98 Golden Wings 1913 Deperdussin Racer FS98 Golden Wings 1913 Deperdussin Racer. Model features "Warping Wings",moving parts, realistic panel, sounds, flight dynamics and textures. Aircraft by Joe LoGrasso. Panel by Tom Miller. Sound and Flight Dynamics by Bill Lyons. 636K
B29,Genie, USAF with moving parts, Panel & sound files. By Oscar Everitt. 2MB

FS98 Stampe S.V. 4C FS 98- Stampe SV 4C -Built by Jean Stampe and Maurice Vertongen, using the 140 hp Renault 4P0 engine. By Remi Moreau. Repainting by monastery. 412K

1927 Pitcairn Mailwing PA-5 Golden age of aviation U.S. Mail biplane. Includes full moving parts and original panel. by Tom Miller. 548K

FS98 version

FS98 Aircraft and Panel Package VEGA PROJECT Part 0ne This bright red Lockheed Vega 5B was flown by Amelia Earhart on two history-making flights in 1932: the first solo flight by a woman across the Atlantic and the first nonstop solo flight by a woman across the United States.This package includes airplane,sounds and panel.Original aircraft by Scott A. Dommin. Aircraft modifications for FS98 and Vega instrument panel by J.L.Stubbs. 1.4MB

FS98/FS2000 Dewoitine D.33 "Trait d'Union". Nicknamed 'Trait d'Union', this plane has set nine world records (flight duration, distance, speed) in 1931. Two were built (D.33-01 and D.33-02); both crashed attempting non-stop Paris-Tokyo flights in 1931. This is the D.33-01. Fully compatible with FS98 and FS2000. See menu.htmll for complete HTML manual. By Christophe Arribat. 302K

DOUGLAS WORLD CRUISERS 1924 These two FS98/AF99 planes model the DWC aeroplanes that made the first around-the-world flight. New Orleans No.4 is on its floats; Chicago No. 2 is on wheels. Sounds courtesy of Mike Hambly are included; -- Dennis Simanaitis. 802K

Panel 1924 Douglas World Cruiser Starting from Seattle,Washington April 6,1924, the Army Air Service Round-the-World-Flight expedition returned on September 28,having circumnavigated the globe,covering 27,553 miles in 371 hours 11 minutes.Actual flying time was 175 days.Using four bi-planes built by Douglas Aircraft.Only two of the aircraft (Chicago and New Orleans) completed the entire flight.Recommended FS98 aircraft (DWC.zip) by Dennis Simanaitis.Drawn in 800x600 resolution and 3-D tested.By J.L.Stubbs. 694K

DOUGLAS AD-4NA SKYRAIDER F-AZDQ. ORIGINAL DOUGLAS A 1H SKYRAIDER AFX BY :MASSIMO TACCOLI . THIS DOUGLAS AD-4NA SKYRAIDER TEXTURE,REBUILT & TEXTURED BY EDDIE ALLEN. This Douglas AD-4NA Skyraider Bu no.126956 entered L' Armee d l 'Air service in 1960 as no.45. Registered as F-AZDQ and painted to represent a US Marine aircraft Of VMC_1 It is currently airworthy and based in France. 190K

FS98 Aircraft and Panel package "1929 Lockheed Air Express" Before he left Lockheed to form Avion Corporation, John K. Northrop designed the "Air Express".These aircraft were very similar to the "Vega" with two obvious exceptions.The wing was mounted high up on struts and the pilot was located outside the fuselage between the wing and tail to allow an open cockpit configuration. The most noteworthy Air Express was the one bought by the Gilmore Oil Company and flown by the colorful Roscoe Turner with his lion cub "Gilmore". Turner set numerous inter-city records with this aircraft, including an east-west coast to coast record in 1930.Original aircraft by Scott A. Dommin and is used with permission.Aircraft modifications for FS98 and instrument panel by J.L.Stubbs. 650K