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FS98 Boeing B17 Flying Fortress This B17 is for FS98 Includes aircraft, panel and sound. Painted in the colors of the 360th, 303rd BG of January 1943. Additional noseart textures are included. Thumper, Sentimental Journey, and Shoo, Shoo, Shoo BABY done by Oscar Everitt File size 1473997

FS98 Grumman Avenger This Grumman TBM Avenger is for FS98 This WW2 Torpedo Bomber is a TBM-3E Avenger of VA-15, on the USS Roosevelt (CVB-42) in 1949. It includes aircraft, panel, and sound files. Done by Oscar Everittd File size 2036370
FS98 B17 Flying Fortress File size 179384

FS98 Mitchell Bomber B-25 This B25 is for FS98 It is a B25J of the 486th BS, 340th BG. Aircraft, panel and sound files are included. Done by Oscar Everitt File size 2006366

FS98 Messershmitte ME 262 Me 262 A-1a for Microsoft FlightSim 98 and Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator, includes panel. by Bernd Drefahl Gauges by Stefan Geissler Full pack File size 1402689

FS98 Vulcan Bomber- Moving Parts Vulcan Bomber MR2 moving parts aircraft for FS98 Brand new model features ANIMATED Elevators, Gear, ailerons and speedbrakes. includes accurate "photofeel" Panel and Real Vulcan sounds. By Graham "Dotcom" Waterfield (FSD) & David Lewis File size 1850133

FS98 Bristol Beaufighter - Package for FS98 By: Dave Haskell, Chris Lampard, and Mike Hambly File size 3124639

FS98 Ava Fokker FV11b FS98 Avia Fokker F.VIIb-3m, C.L.S. (OK-ABT) The Fokker F.VII-3m was designed in 1924 as a medium range airliner. Airplanes used by C.L.S. (Ceskoslovenska letecka spolecnost) were made under licence in Avia factory in Czechoslovakia. Because they were reliable they were used for a long time (1930-1939) on the european routes. Includes aircraft and some photos. Designe by Doe&Joe, Repaint by Jiri Masnik File size 115350

FS98 Douglas A-20 Havoc File size
FS98 B17 Flying Fortress by Chris Lampard. File size 79238