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FS2000 Boeing BWB (Blended Wing Body). This Aircraft is a NASA research project. The BWB is a double-deck jetliner and could carry as many as 800 passengers over 7,000 NM. Entry into service date: 2020. Features: maximum moving parts and night lighting. Design and paint by: Marcel Scherwionke. 785K

FS2000 M400 Skycar. Based on a real aircraft designed by Paul Moller. See his site www.moller.com/skycar. An original FSDS design includes transparent, opening canopy, panel sounds, a choice of textures & more. Designer AC Kerkhove. 8.4MB

FSDS files including FSC for use in FSDS modification. . 2.7MB

Fix for the M400 by AC Kerkhove Unzip this file and then copy all the files to the M400 map in the FS2000 Aircraft Map. These files gives the M400 aircraft better Flightdynamics solve some speed problems and make the aircraft more stable. I will try to keep improving the airfiles. any suggestions are welcome. 16K

FS2000: THE MILLENNIUM FALCON. Version 1.0 This model of the Falcon is a prototype craft of the Modified Corellian YT-1300 Freighter. It has a conventional wheeled undercarrage so it can be landed conventionally and it is also capable of VTOL/STOL using flaps. Model, animation, cockpit and cockpit views e.t.c. all produced by myself. The FSC file for FSDS Pro is also included in the zip file. By Steve ( RATT ) Robinson. 2.1MB


FS2000 Pro - Aeroworks Dark Eagle III This is a fictional version of a super-modified Christen Eagle. The airframe has been totally redesigned, and the visual model now includes a lengthened cowling, larger "Hollywood wingtips", new 3-blade prop with transparent effects, and a virtual cockpit. The panel includes a Sierra Flight Systems EFIS-2000 Glass cockpit also incorporating a Vision-Microsystems VM-1000 Engine Monitor Display as well as numerous digital avionics. Flight dynamics are also improved,including a faster roll rate, and a higher top speed, and boasting a thrust to weight ratio well beyond 1:1. By Jason L. Terry


FS2000 Pro - Aeroworks ARX-3R Raptor II The ARX-3R is a 1-place, high performance, racing version of the original ARX-3 Raptor recreational sportplane. Changes for the Raptor II include the removal of aft seat & panel and the addition of a nitrous oxide system, as well as spoilers and a few new digital avionics. Uses GPS feature of FS2000. Aircraft and panel by Jason L. Terry. 249K


FS2000 Pro - Aeroworks ARX-3 Raptor -The ARX-3 is a fictional two-place recreational push-prop concept plane that incorporates a glass cockpit, delta planform, twin inward-angled all-moving rudder, virtual cockpit, and an all-moving elevator (stabilator) and cruises around 300kts. Uses GPS feature of FS2000. Aircraft and panel by Jason L. Terry. 260K

FS2000 Concept Design 4 Seater Private Jet v2 Fictitious Boeing 575-200 demonstrator. Painted in more realistic house colours. Animated parts additional to version 1.0 are, pilot's arms, legs and head move with flight contols, spoilers, slats, lift dumpers and thrust reversers. Full lights include logo 'splashes'. Own panel. Uses default 737-400 sounds. Most parts remodelled. Design/paint, Nick Pike. Panel, Mark Hubbard. 2.7MB

FS2000 Concept Design v3 Light Military Jet. Boeing B-575 (fictitious)/demonstrator paint. Animations. Pilot's arms/legs/head move with yoke/pedals. Flaps/slats. Aileron/lift dumps. F2 key thrust reversers. Spoilers. Steerable gear. Struts/rolling wheels. Fanjets/exhausts /HP turbines. Rudder. Elevators. Lights:Nav/ strobes/landing/beacon. Ground reflections. Panel/3D views. Additional sounds. Design/ paint Nick Pike. Panel Mark Hubbard. 6.1MB


FS2000 Kingston 250 GX fictional .THIS IS THE FINAL VERSION WHICH INCLUDES ALL THE FIXES AND TWO NEW ADDITIONS- STEERABLE NOSE GEAR AND VIEWABLE 3D NIGHT LIGHTED CABIN THROUGH THE PASSENGER WINDOWS. Fictional Corporate Jet designed at Rosario Studios featuring 3d fans blades and transparent see through passenger windows plus high detail texturing. Designed using FS STUDIO PRO, this aircraft incorporates the use of 40 sided engines and fuselage. Full moving parts include: 3d slats, 3d flaps, 3d spoilers, 3d ailerons, 3d elevators, 3d rudder, moving landing gear with wheel textures plus detailed 3d winglets. Includes: 3d light glass casing for landing light, strobe lights nav lights and anti-collision lights.Comes with custom panel background designed by Lee Rosario. Textures and design by Lee Rosario. 3.1MB


FS2000 GEER CITY CRUISER 1224-100A v3.0. FICTIONAL aircraft. This aircraft was particularly designed to be efficent for various, all-around uses whether: freight hauling, passenger transport or official uses. Rollout textures Blue, white and black. Full moving parts include, retractable gear, moving bay doors, moving slats, flaps, ailerons, spoilers, high speed fans, 40 sided engines, elevators, rudder, lighting,32 sided fuselage and new wing textures. Aircraft and sounds included.Lee Rosario original. 1.7MB