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FS2004 Photos from the World Helitour. A photographer has asked to you if you can take him across the world by helicopter, by a Bell 206B JetRanger: he wants to fill some albums with photos taken from the sky. You have accepted and you're going to leave. 152K
FS2004 Contintental Crossings. You are a rash sky-conqueror piloting a Curtiss Jenny. You want to assert three new records: three dangerous crossings with a light and fragile plane like a Curtiss Jenny! The territories you must cross are hostile and without life: Canada, Sahara and the australian desert are some of the more uninhabited lands in the world. 81K
FS2004 Return from Holiday Adventure. This is an adventure in the Caribbean (4 flights). During the flight you can see wonderful views and you can also fly in formation with another Cessna! You will fly across the Caribbean from Trinidad and Tobago to New Orleans. 108K
FS2004 10 Adventures in the World. These are 10 flights which will put to the test your abilities of virtual pilots. You must adapt at several meteo situations with several aircraft. If you want, after finishing a flight, you can modify flight conditions to make it more difficult and re-try to complete it again. 244K
FS2002 Simon's Adventure Flights: -- A series of adventures flights which will put to a hard test your pilot abilities. Don't try any flight at full stomach, it can have nasty consequences... However, these are very challenging flights with not much fuel, carriers and much other! By Simone Carnevale. 62K
FS2004 The Challenge (2nd Update). Do you want to test your pilot’s skill? Are you ready to accept the challenge? Fly in the Sydney’s sky through 8 'very special' gates at assigned speed and altitude, make a precision landing following the glide slope and you’ll win the challenge! Do you think it is simple? There is a little problem… the jury isn’t very friendly and accepts just two mistakes, in fact, at the third mistake they launch a ground-to-air missile to shoot you down!! Several special effects are waiting you along the route… discover them by yourself! English and Italian language supported. By SEA (Sceneries-Effects-Adventures) of Michele I-MIKY Giandomenico 3.9MB
Concorde Bahrain tro London Flight. This is an attempt to replicate the Bahrain to London flight Concorde flew as part of its world tour. The section of the flight over Europe should be flown at mach 0.95 as cross land supersonic flight was not allowed. The decelleration piont is as you come up along Italy. Mark Richards. 2K
FS2004 Florida Tour. Here are a set of 11 VFR flight plans to explore the state of Florida. The flight plans are designed to fly over some of the very interesting points in the State: Lakeland, Tampa, Clearwater, St. Petersburg, The Keys, Miami, Disney World, Cape Canaveral, Jacksonville, the Panhandle, Pensacola, and Tallahassee. Each flight ranges from about 30 to 60 minutes in duration. This package contains the flight plans, and documentation. By Paul Schwerdtfeger. 4.8MB
FS2004 The American Southwest Tour. (version 2 for FS2004) Finally, after 4 years, here is the updated FS2004-version of usatour.zip, the documentation of my personal VFR (FS2000) flightsim tour of the US-American Southwest with the C182RG. The tour has been modified for FS2004, completely debugged and even extended to include more great destinations in southern California. Includes detailed flight descriptions of 32 VFR legs covering California, Nevada and Arizona. Features scenic flights and realistic weather. Basic flightsim and real aviation skills required to fly the tour. Only for FS2004. No charts required. The Carenado C182RG is recommended but not required. By Philipp Tiemann. 180K
FS2004 "FlighTease... a Tease Flight" (no offensive images inside) Fly in the Hong Kong's sky, disused Hong Kong Intl (VHHX) is available to give us hospitality, through 8 'very special' gates at assigned speed and altitude, make a precision landing and the girl will show her best side!!! 6 gates gives you 10 points and 2 gives 20 points (they are just a little more difficult), the precision landing gives 50 points. From the combination of this points your final score could will be: 60, 70, 80, 90, 100, 110, 120, 130, 140 or 150. The girl's generosity will be proportional at your piloting ability! Two mistakes are allowed. Text and vocal messages will help you during the flight. After takeoff heading indicator will be automatically setted driving you gate by gate and until to the base where you'll have what you merit;-). You'll have speed and altitude information when near the gates, vocal and text messages help you during the flight. Software accept a range of +- 20 feet and +- 5 knots… enjoy this flight!!! English and Italian version available. By SEA of Michele Giandomenico. 3.4MB
FS2004 Grand Cayman Caribbean Flying Adventure. 18.9MB

FS2004 Santos Dumont´s Historic Flights Challenge. Commemoration of 2006 Centennial of airplane flight, we make this challenges showing the early aviation flights achieved by Brazilian Santos Dumont at present year (2006) in the dates of the original flights. by Ralph Cafure Bolssonaro. 120K

Alternative panels and dynamics for aircraft required in this challenge. Recomended for realistic peformance of the aircraft and historic accuracy. by Ralph Cafure Bolssonaro. 704K

FS2004 KPDK KTYS Flight. Nice short flight from Atlanta Peachtree Dekalb airport to McGee Tyson in Knoxville, TN. See beautiful views of the Blue Ridge and Smoky Mountains. I used real weather. There can be some pretty interesting instances of wind shear to keep you awake! Earl Buice. 345K

FS2004 Round The World In A Prop :- A step-by-step guide to successful round-world flying, including comprehensive advice on choice of aircraft, route and flight planning, fuel management, navigation, dealing with weather and time-changes etc. The recommended route consists of 24 legs and the places visited include Australia, New Guinea, Japan, the Aleutians, Canada, the USA, the Azores, Gibraltar, Malta, Egypt, Bahrain, Pakistan, India, Thailand, Borneo, and East Timor; with plenty of sightseeing opportunities along the way. Robert Christopher's excellent Lancair Legacy 2000 is recommended, but this is not essential as the trip has been designed with 'legs' of around 1000nms. and should be achievable in any of the default FS2004 props. Reasonable flying skills are required - particularly being able to land VFR (i.e. without the aid of ILS) - but explanations are included on the finer points of lining up and navigation generally, so as to cater for newcomers to FS. Tony Cooper File download 545K

FS2004 Sammys Mooney Bravo Formation Flying Adventure. Sammys Mooney Bravo formation flying adventure. Start situations for flight leader, left and right wing. See readme.txt for further information. 8.1MB
FS2004 Amelia Earhart's 1937 World Flight Commemorative. The mystery of Amelia Earhart's disappearance has never been solved. On 2 July 1937, She left Lae, New Guinea for Howland Island in the Pacific, a 2224 NM flight. She never arrived. This world flight commemorates her attempted world flight. Three Flight Options are offered and this should be flown with the FSDB L10E Electra, customized by Dave Bitzer and Norman Hancock. Other aircraft are OK, but with less realism. by Charles Wood. 1.6MB Aircraft here
FS2002 Commemorative, Amelia Earhart's 1937 World Flight. Here is a set of FS2002 flights to commemorate Amelia Earhart's ill-fated 1937 World Flight. She and Navigator Fred Noonan disappeared on 2 July 1937 on their 2224 nm flight from Lae, New Guinea to Howland Island. They had already completed 19,000 nm. There are two options for flying these flights, a 29-leg version matching Earhart's with leg lengths up to 20 hours or a 107-leg version with an average leg length of one and a half hours. Best to fly this commemorative with the Lockheed Electra L10E, but can be flown by other twin-engine aircraft with less realism. Simple one-step installation. Extensive notes accompany the flight descriptions. Includes scenery for airports not available in FS2002. By Charles Wood. 1.8MB
FS2004 VFR flight plan for Bear Creek Winery and Lodging bush scenery (here) By Mike Woolsey. 299K
FS2004 Quickstart Flight for Bush Flying. You start at Bear Creek Winery and Lodging (BCWL) and fly to Big Lake (BGQ) over beautiful Alaska landscape - glaciers, lakes and bays. Requires the BCWL to BGQ VFR flight plan. Exclusively designed and written for Yakovlev Yak-12A by Laktushin and Co and Bear Creek Winery and Lodging bush scenery (here). 918K
FS2004/2 Around The World Trip. Fly around the world as a Landmark Airlines 747 400 Captain! On this adventure, you will fly from Kingsford Smith INTL (Sydney AUS) to Changi INTL (Singapore) to London Heathrow to Pudong INTL (Shangai) to Los Angeles INTL and finally to New York's Kennedy INTL. Flights by Matthew Kelly and Nathan Finch. 152K
FS2004 Europe Cities VFR Tour: A Flying adventure with a German and a English manual. Take a trip to the largest citys of Europe and visit the most important airports. The Flight description is written in German only, but i´ve programmed a VFR- Flight plan for each trip, so you should find your way easily. By Patrick Taglinger . 66K
FS2004 Skylane Adventure Flights. A selection of VFR flightplans aropund the Chicago area. By Patrick Taglinger. 40K
FSX Adventure - SKYROAD TO KAMURA-TOK. Mickey Enzo, went to the lunch invitation at the Panama Hilton Hotel, made by Dr. Orlacko Faustin, director of the Historical Museum of Barcelona, Spain. Here Faustin, told him the incredible story behind the Kamura.Tok temple. FSAdventureSky Gera Godoy C. 321K
FSX Adventure SkyRoad to Kamura-Tok Episode 2 of 3. " Need your services again" said the Telegram. "This time you must fly on a commercial flight from Panama to PORT MORESBY (AYPY) IN PAPUA NEW GUINEA...PLEASE USE YOUR OWN ROUTE TO GET THERE, THE FASTEST ONE THE BETTER.------Then fly to TELEFONIN (TLF). There you must hire a good Helicopter and fly to our Mountain Base " Bear-1" as you do please divert to the Lake in the flight plan and check on the Strange objects by the large rocks, do take as many photos as you can. Don´t try this flight in an airplane for the landing here is only possible with a Heli"....this communication came from Dr. Faustin who had taken the "parchment" to Barcelona 8 months ago. An FSAdventureSky Adventure. 428K
FSX Adventure - Road to KAMURA-TUK....FINAL EPISODE? Mickey and you are asked to fly to Bolivia and find the " Last Strange Machine" you both get a EUR/ 55,000.00 cash bundle for the service. The camp is marked by a Hot Air Balloon and the search site is emmanating strange lights. You will again fly the Autogyro in the search....The long legged lady will be there also....You lucky pilot!!!! FSAdventureSky Gera Godoy C . 300K
FSX Adventure - "Find the Lady" Adventure in Guatemala. Last night you had dinner with Ivana Ifrosky, the Russian woman aviator, flying America in her Helio in the Rizzo Hotel in Puerto Barrios, the NorthEstern Port of Guatemala. This morning you waved good-by to the beautiful lady as she took off for Coban. You are now flying the same route, in your bush plane, taking some dried fish, two barrels of corn oil and some dog feed. Only half an hour after take off you receive the horrible news that Ivana has been overdue in her landing ETA to Coban. Two helicopters are already searching the area. She was heard making a Mayday several hours ago. You call the SAR authorities in Bananera and since you have full tanks they accept your offer to search the route...........and relay to you to search around your flight route. You are free to fly parallel to the flight plan 10 to 20 miles off the sides of the plan until you arrive in Coban..........You now concentrate on searching for the lost woman...If you find her you are authorized to land and pick her up. FSAdventureSky Gera Godoy C . 176K
FSX Adventure - OPERATION PAMPA-4. Capt James Doolarge has gathered a special group to fly a lonesome B-26 in a very dangerous Operation down in Argentina...WW2 Boils far away!!!! It has been reported that German scientists (Nazis) have built since 1938 several mysterious Instalations in the Republic of Argentina. Now there are confirmed reports that these plants are probably producing "Hard Water" which is needed for Atomic experiments. A well known Doctor has all the needed details and is willing to pin point where those installations are..... . FSAdventureSky Gera Godoy C . 439K
FSX Adventure - When The Land Trembles ....At 8:46 A.M. a 6.2 Earthquake hit the western mountains of Guatemala, Central America. Two Flight Routes have been set up by the Civil Defence and SAR authorities. They use two airports to reconnoiter their respective areas. It has been reported that two mines in the western Pine Mountains have been heavely hit and in Mine 1( Socrates Fer Coal Ltd ) there are some wounded miners which must be picked up. You can choose Red flight, where you will use a fair transport since you must pick up the wounded or Blue flight which is a " reconnaissance" flight out to a lake area and access the damage as well as land and bring radio communications equipment to the communities. Either way, this is dangerous stuff ( Two in One for everyone!)-----are your wits ready for such flying tasks????? Gera Godoy C. 460K
FS2004 A-380 First Flight AI Traffic. 2.4MB
FSX Adventure Flight along the Southern Mountains and lakes of CHILE. Land of great sights, dangerous approaches and changing weather. Take your passengers to their jobs, honeymooners to their moon, farmers to their lands, explorers to strange rock formations, a glider instructor to his field and a Mountain Policeman to his post. Do it safely and on time....a relaxing flight?.....no way!!!! Gera Godoy C. 796K
FSX Adventure flight in the Italian Alps. Luckily you arrived with your pilot buddy in Aosta this morning. Two mountaineers have had an accident in a nearby lake and your amphibian is perfect for the SAR job. You volunteer for the task even though the weather is deteriorating fast. The Italian alps are no horseplay so use your immagination, wits and valour to save the two intrepids who should have stayed home....... Gera Godoy C. 468K
FSX Space Shuttle & Mission. You will have no control over the Launch..(Houston) does that..so just go along for the ride.. but once at 800,000 ft you will be given info as to if you wish to take control or continue the ride.. There are no REwards in this mission.. it is just a space ride..and it took the FSX missions tool to make it work. Ron Jeffers. 5.3MB
FSX Mission: You and the River Adventure flight.....Aafke Gruttzen, a Dutch pilot, has been flying the Usumasinta River for over 42 years. This natural border between Mexico and Guatemala is a long river which moves thousands of tons of water irrigating many kilometers in the Lacandon jungles of both countries. Aafke flies from Tenosique in Mexico to the Oil Refinary deep in the river basin of Guatemala. All Mail and general merchandise travels in either his old 140 or DH2. Today, his last day on route, is sad and rainy. You will start flying the route after tomorrow when he retires to Burgerbrug in his native Holland. Follow the river and you might be here for 42 more years like he did.Gera Godoy C. 85K
FSX Adventure Panama HiJack. The routine Tourist flight bewteen Panama City and David is taken over by Booze Pirates. The flight is diverted to an island, later to a lonesome road and finally you will be surprised by a quick turn of events. You fly for this company Captain, its gonna be your Flight!!what a day!!A FSAdventureSky Flight Gera Godoy C. 605K
FSX Adventure flight Lost DC3. After 55 years, experienced Bush pilots are required by the Bolivian AF to help find a DC-3 lost in a storm over the Andes 55 years ago!!!!.....The pay is juicy but the danger is as great as putting your head in the guillotine. Many pilots from all over the globe have arrived in Cochabamba to meet the challenge. Señorita Lt. Hilda Baroon is the guide. Much secrecy has gathered around this operation and a newspaper is suggesting that the plane was carrying some WW2 secret weapon. Are you participating? or will you wait and see other pilot find the plane and collect the boot??? Besides Christmas is near and all pilots buy presents!!!!the Muula$$$ will be welcomed...... Gera Godoy C. 835K
FSX Flight Adventure.....The Water Temples of Mongolia. A Roman Scientist is sure the mythical "Water Temples" of Mongolia are real and desides to hire two planes including pilots from your famous adventure outfit. A 737 leaves from your town airport to Rome picks up the Dr. his secretary and all others in the expedition and travel to Mongolia. Next dawn you fly the rented STOL to the places that it is beleived the Temples are. Big surprises and incredible sights and sounds await all, but be cautious it has been said that a curse falls upon those that desecrate the ancient ruins......Are you flying there??? Gera Godoy C. 1.5MB
FSX Holyday Alert Adventure Flight. Joe, Mack, Lou and Laura took their two planes and went on a Bear Hunting trip. This was on December 19. They were supposed to be back on the 24th but nothing has been heard of them. Laura´s Mother is very worried since now on the 25th at 10 in the morning she has not heard a word from her.Fresco Gual, the chief of Police, calls you at 2:00 PM on Christmas day and says" Hey, buddy, some hunters are lost since the 19th, will you join the search?.....You say "yes" and head out to the airport where your Super Piper is ready to fly.......Be careful it is Snowing!!!!! Gera Godoy C. 90K
FSX Adventure Flight "New Year´s Flight 1939" (or an important Flight in New Zealand during WW2) New Zealand entered the Second World War by declaring war on Nazi Germany at 9.30 pm 3 September 1939. It is December 29th and your DC-3, C-46 squadron 599 has been alerted to pick up special mountain experts personnel throught the country. Your DC-3 must start at Mount Cook and fly the "Mountain" Route to places like the famous seminary of The Holy Grail, where Father Ephrom is waiting. (Plan your approach here and land almost at stall speed!!!!). The men and women you will pick up are expert climbers needed to advise Allied commanders in the field. ----Not a flight for beginners! Gera Godoy C. 388K
FSX Adventure Flight. Amazone´s Deadly Road. A Brazilian Air Force C-130 from SAR Squadron 504 has been sent to the Port of Máraba where it will receive instructions to fly over road BR-230 by the river and pick up all drivers along the road due to recently formed "Wells of Gas" which are beleived to be highly toxic. Also, an airliner crashed a few hours ago and survivors must be quickly taken to a hospital. Many people in the area are sure that there is a "machine" in the largest gas pool!!!! some even suggest it could be an invasion from outer space!!!!!! so the flight will take pictures of this site as a top secret priority. All personnel will be on a week long "Secret Mission Status". You must leave everything right away and head to base!!!!!..go man, go!!!!....by Gera Godoy C. 198K
FSX US Postcards. These rewards are CRITERIA BASED. That is, you must meet the criteria to get the reward. For all 256 rewards, you have to land (or at least “touch and go”) at specific airports. The reward file will scrub your pilot records for specific airport identifiers. It is not necessary to land at all the airports concurrently; you will get a postcard (and rare instances 2) if you happen to land at any one of the identifiers. As you land at more airports, if they qualify, you’ll get another postcard and so on. 3MB